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Lower Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Print

By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

There are now a multitude of eco-friendly products on the market to support every pet-related need, helping you to lower your pet’s carbon paw print. While navigating them in search of the best for our fur-babies might seem overwhelming, it is in fact simple if you know what to look for.

Choosing items that are labeled organic, whole food, biodegradable, recycled, recyclable, upcycled, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, or sustainably sourced, are going to be kind to your pets and the planet. Other good brands to support are those that are made locally or in the USA, reducing mileage and fossil fuel usage, which supports the environment, small business and our economy.

Here are some tried and tested products that will lower your four-legged friend’s carbon paw print, from eat to sleep and everything in between. These suggestions will make your pet’s life more sustainable and less toxic, so you can feel good knowing you’re helping their health while saving the planet . . . Now that’s unconditional love!


Small Bag - $29 USD &

Large Bag $70 USD

The pet food market is largely unregulated with misleading labels, chemical preservatives and dirty ingredients, always promoting animal protein as an essential part of your dog’s diet. Canines, however, can benefit from a vegan diet that is rich in superfoods and plant-based protein, providing your dog nutrition that will support their health throughout their lifetime. Wild Earth’s Complete Protein Vegan Dog Food features yeast protein and clean, delicious ingredients including chickpeas, spinach, sweet potato, oats and pumpkin, and no fillers. With guaranteed levels of omega -3 and -6 for soft skin and a shiny coat, and DHA, Taurine, and L-Carnitine for brain development and heart health, this sustainably and responsibly-sourced kibble requires 95% less water and emits 96% less CO2 than its meat counterparts, making it a healthy choice for your pup and our planet.


$16.99 USD

Built for gentle chewers, this West Paw Zisc is lightweight yet tough, soft, pliable, floatable and flies far and fast. Perfect for fetch and tug-of-war, it also doubles as a travel bowl to keep your pup both entertained and hydrated. Non-toxic, made with zero-waste and recyclable Zogoflex® material in Montana, and recyclable through West Paw’s Join the Loop® recycling program, this BPA Free, Latex Free & FDA Compliant frisbee is safe, durable and responsibly made, for eco-friendly, puppy fun.


$28.99 USD

From the Field offers a great selection of sustainable cat toys made from cork, wood and biodegradable, pesticide-free hemp, as well as fresh, organic catnip grown in their fields in Washington State. Non-GMO and hand-harvested without weed killer, this potent catnip Buds Bundle is safe and healthy for your kitty, so Felix can have a good time while you know you’re helping the environment one catnip buzz at a time.


$19.95 USD

Dogs have a different skin pH than humans and benefit from alkaline-based shampoos that are free of soap and essential oils, which can aggravate their skin. This vegan and cruelty-free Soothing Shampoo is made of organic oats, nourishing and hydrating plant properties, minerals and vitamins C and E. Free from parabens, sulfates, artificial preservatives and fragrance, and contained in the first ever 100% sugar cane bottle, this cleansing and naturally conditioning shampoo will leave your puppy’s coat sustainably healthy, silky and shiny.


$14.95 USD

When the owners of famed bakery, the Bread Basket, Paul and George Delagnes, experienced their pup, Bruno’s, sensitive stomach issues, they were inspired to create a nutritious, clean and delicious dog cookie in his honor. After trying five different recipes that were each tested by Bruno, they found one that didn’t upset his stomach. Hand-baked using organic ingredients including cranberries, blueberries, chicken stock, and gluten-free, almond flour, Bruno’s Cookies are a treat you’ll feel good about giving your best friend. Call 1-(805)-482-1337 to order.


$34.99 USD for 360 bags

Proud to have been saving the environment since 2003, the award-winning The Original Poop Bags® are biodegradable and made from plant matter including corn, vegetable oils and compostable polymers. With their compostable certification, the bags turn into carbon dioxide and water at the end of their life cycle. Additionally, The Original Poop Bags® has helped plant trees, protect sea turtles, sponsored marine research and donated to pet shelters through their You Buy; We Donate® line of products. With this bundle benefitting the Jane Goodall Institute, you can relax knowing you’re saving the environment one poop at a time.


$4.99 USD

With a brand commitment to reduce plastic use with USDA Certified Biobased materials and renewable resources such as corn and starch, this fire hydrant poop bag dispenser adds some whimsy to your poop patrol. Including 15 USDA Certified Biobased poop bags this fun dispenser velcro attaches to any leash, keeping Fido sustainably stylish when nature calls.


$18.49 USD

Made with responsibly sourced and sustainable, bacteria fighting, Japanese Hinoki wood and antioxidant-laden green tea, Weruva It's A Tea Potty Cat Litter naturally suppresses the growth of bacteria to control litter box odors. Gently scented with green tea, this clay and grain-free, low dust formula is as kind to the environment as it is your home, easily biodegrading after disposal. Wake up and smell the green tea!


$98 USD

Based on a love for her dog, Jax, founder and designer, Tina Nguyen, was inspired to create responsible and well-designed pup products that she couldn’t find elsewhere. Manufactured locally in Los Angeles to help lower their carbon footprint, these stylish and sustainable dog beds are produced using carefully resourced, upholstery-grade fabric for a long lifespan, CertiPUR-US® certified foam, which doesn’t harm the ozone and stuffed with Sustainafill™, a fiber made from recycled plastic 7-UP bottles (8-12 plastic bottles are reused in every bed). Their commitment to transparency, collaboration and authenticity has earned Jax & Bones an alliance with the Pet Sustainability Coalition, ensuring sweet dreams for your pup and the planet.


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