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Don't Be Plastic

Simple ways we can reduce single-use plastic in our lives, with a little style and a lot of sustainability.


Approximately 8 million metric tons of plastics are estimated to enter the ocean each year, and the United States is one of the top 20 contributors to plastic pollution. Despite our best efforts to recycle our plastic products, only 9% actually gets recycled. Every year 40 billion, single-use, plastic utensils and 100 billion plastic bags are used in the U.S. alone, and as many as 8.3 billion straws pollute the world’s beaches. It is estimated that it would take approximately 1,000 years for a plastic bag to degrade, 200 years for a plastic straw, and up to 450 years for plastic bottles made of PET. However, these items never fully decompose and become microplastics that continue to harm our health and the environment. The plastic typically used in these products contain chemical additives such as endocrine disruptors, which are associated with cancers, birth defects, and immune system suppression in humans and wildlife. With plastic pollution now a global crisis, this Earth Month is the perfect time to embrace innovative, plastic-free products that will improve ours and our beautiful planet’s health.

Formulated with 94% plant-based ingredients and no sulfates, silicones, preservatives, soap and dyes, this 97% biodegradable and dermatologist-tested easy-to-use bar softens, repairs and revitalizes for shinier and healthier looking hair. With each bar lasting up to 40 washes and its plastic-free packaging, this shampoo gives us lustrous locks with no harsh effects on our bodies or our environment.
Made with BPA free materials and superior grade stainless steel, this stylish, vacuum insulated, 20oz travel tumbler is perfect for keeping our drinks hot or cold wherever life takes us, while reducing single-use beverage containers, plastic use and waste. With its chic, unique, jewel band decoration we can drink life to its fullest and reduce our carbon footprint in style, while celebrating the beautiful outdoors whether we’re on the beach or enjoying a picnic in the park. Get 20% off your purchase using the code KTLA2O

$25.00 USD

This best-selling, superfood serum is a hydration powerhouse that instantly restores dry skin, chapped lips and damaged hair. Sustainably upcycled from the kernel of the French Ente plum, which is packed with vitamins A, C and E, and essential fatty acids, Plum Elixir fights free radicals, brightens, balances and calms, while delivering an instant, hydrating glow. With its MADE SAFE® certification and plastic-free, Earth-friendly packaging, this vegan elixir naturally nourishes both our beauty and the environment’s.

$68.00 USD

Made from non-toxic, European-grade, platinum silicone, GoSili®’s reusable straws allow us to enjoy our beverages while reducing our plastic footprint. Soft and flexible yet strong and durable, these eco-friendly, multi-colored straws won’t melt in your drink like paper or hurt your teeth like a stainless steel straw. Dishwasher safe, they are the perfect alternative to the 500 million single-use plastic straws that end up in our landfills and waterways every day, and make any occasion fun for our planet.

$7.49 USD

Powered by Nails.INC’s revolutionary 73% plant-based formula, this award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free, Halal friendly polish is 21 free, including formaldehyde, parabens, acetone, and 18 other nasty ingredients. Its quick drying, sunlight UV reactive formula boosts glossiness and extends wear up to 10 days, yet is pure and gentle.. Each Venetian glass bottle is topped with a compostable, 100% FSC-certified, sustainable and recyclable ash wooden cap, making this nail polish as kind to our planet as it is our nails.

$10.00 USD

From the farmers market to the grocery store and everywhere in between, Verve Culture’s beautifully woven, understated Moroccan Basket Backpacks and Shopping Baskets stylishly carry our belongings, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bags. Weaved with Palm leaves by artisans in north and south Morocco, these soft yet strong baskets effortlessly fuse functionality and fashion, and are perfect for both our practical errands or glorious days at the beach.

$68.00 & 48.00 USD

Containing Squalane, a natural moisturizer, and giving a natural, sun-kissed radiance and an instant, youthful glow, this Baked Blush in Copper starts as a creme and is baked into a finely textured powder that feels silky and weightless when applied to the skin. Ecocert/Cosmos certified natural (the EU equivalent to USDA Organic), Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, and packaged in sustainable bamboo, this blush gives a warm flush to our cheeks and our environment.

$39.00 USD

Featuring lemon - best known for its cleansing and uplifting aroma and natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties - and bright, zesty grapefruit, combined with high quality essential oils that offer effective deep cleaning and disinfecting abilities, this biodegradable and 100% natural cleanser effortlessly removes dirt, grease and grime from countertops, cupboards, sinks, appliances, and more. With its concentrated formula keeping recyclable packaging to a minimum, just pour the plant-powered cleaning extract into the refillable, apothecary-inspired, amber glass bottle, fill with water, swirl and spritz, for a clean, refreshingly scented home that is better for your health and better for our planet.

$24.00 USD