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8 Eco-Conscious & Exceptional Mama’s Day Gifts

By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

It’s time to show the number one lady in our lives how much we love her by showering her with eco-conscious and exceptional gifts, which will make her feel very special while loving on Mother Nature too.


$90 USD

Founded by a mother and her daughter, Osea’s mission is to create clean, seaweed-infused skincare that respects the natural world while making skin look and feel its best. Featuring three beauty essentials, this limited edition set includes Osea’s Undaria Cleansing Body Polish, Undaria Algae Body Oil, and a plant-based body brush, softening, smoothing, exfoliating and deeply hydrating to instantly boost your Mama’s glow.


$69 USD

Handcrafted at their workshop in Normandy, formulated with 100% vegetable wax from organic rapeseed and packaged in boxes made from recycled and recyclable FSC paper, La Rose Aime La Menthe candle pairs delicate rose with herbaceous mint. Together they help to overcome anxiety, tension and sleep disorders, while soothing your Mama with a beautiful aroma to help her and helping her feel harmonious and happy.


$69 USD

This stunning mixed arrangement is responsibly sourced and hand-selected by expert flower farmers from sustainable flower farms. Partnering with growers who are committed to preserving the environment, flowers are grown with eco-friendly practices that include recycling water, composting plant waste, and using organic pest control methods, the Bouqs Co. delivers all of its Farm-To-Table floral arrangements in their recyclable Bouqs box, extending the life of the blooms and making this a gift that will make your Mama feel truly special.


$165 USD

Cast from a real star anise, these Dara earrings are sustainably and ethically made from 100% recycled brass, before being plated in 14K gold or sterling silver. Non-toxic and free from nickel, cadmium, and lead, these chic earrings are good for your Mama’s health as well as her personal style, while being fashionably kind to Mother Nature.


$32 USD

This striking, sustainable eye mask is luxurious and silky-soft. Made with 100% eco-friendly viscose sourced from forests following the principles of Sustainable Forestry Management and featuring beautiful prints hand-printed by artisans in India, this divine eye mask will make your Mama’s dreams sweet and eco-chicly glamorous.


$21 USD

Redefining clean beauty for the modern world through cutting-edge innovation and clean science technology, Polite Pout Glossy Balm is  developed with ingredients including Hazelnut and Jojoba Seed Oil, and Lemongrass Seed Oil. This non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free formula will wrap your Mama’s lips in a clean, hydrating, comfort balm that revitalizes, repairs, and soothes for the ultimate conditioning and maximum glossy shine, without the planet being harmed for her perfectly polite pout.


$215 USD

Committed to harnessing the power of nature by using natural and organic ingredients sourced from sustainable and fair-trade farms, and free from harmful chemicals, BYNACHT’s Iconic Reborn Radiant Serum contains highly concentrated hexapeptide-8, known as 'green botox'. Visibly diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and performing 'knifeless surgery' while Mama sleeps, she can rest assured knowing that her new, non-toxic, miracle serum also has eco-friendly packaging materials, and the environment won't suffer for her younger-looking skin.


$49.99 USD

Made by third-generation tequila makers using the Jalisco Highland’s finest, mature agave, El Cristiano’s award-winning tequilas are additive-free and produced in coil copper stills, which impart a clean, pure taste. The family-owned brand is committed to both the planet and its people, supporting initiatives including an orphanage in Jalisco. El Cristiano Silver is deliciously elegant, earthy and sweet featuring notes of mature fruit and fresh agave, sure to be appreciated by any fine tequila-loving, eco-conscious Mama.


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