Warrior Women: Melissa Machat - Stay True To Your Values

By: Courtney Gerring, Contributing Editor

Melissa Machat went from a professional real estate agent to an NLP business and mindset consultant and coach. She is the founder of Re-Align Coaching and Consulting, which helps empower and teach entrepreneurs how to elevate their mindset, accelerate sales, and make the perfect hire in their business so they can scale with ease. Melissa is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner who has a deep understanding of what’s truly preventing someone from reaching their goals, and she has now dedicated her business and career to show others how mindset can play a major part in your life.

Coco Eco:

We are so excited to hear more about how you became an NLP business and mindset consultant. What motivated you to become one? And please share with us more about what it means to be one.

Melissa Machat:

I’ve always loved giving advice and always struggled with my own mindset over the years. I’ve been on a personal development journey to figure out why that is and what was wrong with me. I truly believed something was broken, or maybe I wasn’t smart enough or good enough to be this big entrepreneur I’ve always dreamed of. Throughout the past six years looking for answers, I learned so many lessons about how our mind works and how it can control our life without you even realizing it. The main takeaway is that we all can get in our own way and we are capable of holding ourselves back. We don’t seem to realize our thoughts, beliefs, self-doubt, and fears are actually determining the reality we create and once I learned what was actually happening, I became inspired to share this with as many people as possible because it truly is life changing.

I help you get unstuck and out of your own way. I believe when you are in alignment you don’t need accountability because you are inspired to take action. Most people are not in alignment with who they truly are which is what causes frustration and unhappiness in their lives and their careers, so my job is to help them figure out what’s really causing the challenges they’re facing. Magic happens when someone stops following society’s rules of how success is “supposed” to look like, and they define their own rules of what it looks like for them and on their terms.


How did your background in residential real estate help you launch your own business?

MM: Real Estate taught me everything I am utilizing and teaching today. I had no idea how much I had learned over the last twelve years. I learned the foundations of building your own service based business. Real Estate is what introduced me to the world of coaching and personal development. I didn’t know when I got my license at 24 yrs old what a growth mindset was, what it meant to be an entrepreneur, how mindset controls everything, and how to become a great salesperson. I also learned how to become a leader and an employer, and I joke that I learned everything the hard way so I can teach others what to avoid!

I am using all of the lessons I’ve learned to teach and empower others on how to grow their own business. Most entrepreneurs jump into the deep end head first without knowing how to swim and figuring it out as they go, and in the end they beat themselves up when it’s not working. What they don’t realize is that it’s not working because they are usually following what worked for someone else, and it’s not truly in alignment with what could work for them.


Tell us about the ‘ah moment’ when you realized that you found your calling to help others.


I was at my first NLP training when I learned that nothing was wrong with me and that I wasn’t broken, I was just out of alignment and in the wrong role. I walked away from that four day training with tools that actually helped me get unstuck and I made decisions that I had been avoiding for years. A twenty-minute exercise helped me find clarity around what I truly wanted and I was empowered to make it happen. I thought to myself that everyone needs to learn this and have these skills in their back pockets. I taught my first class within two weeks and had my first paying client within thirty days. I went into the training thinking I wasn’t qualified to start my own business or become a coach or speaker, and came out of it inspired to take action and made it happen.


What is the best advice you’ve ever received when it comes to building your business?


Stay true to your values, mission, and vision. Why are you building this business? What’s it all for? Who are you trying to help? What life are you trying to create? The answers are always within us and it’s so easy to watch others who you admire and get caught up in the comparison game, and do what everyone else tells you and suggests. The reality is that it’s about listening to yourself. When you’re clear about what you are building and how you want to build it, then you can find coaches, mentors, or programs that are in alignment with your vision and that’s who will help you make it happen.


What is your go-to advice that you give to entrepreneurs, without giving away any secrets?