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Warrior Women: Jess Glazer - The Secret Sauce

By Courtney Gerring, Contributing Editor

Jess Glazer started her career working as an elementary school physical education teacher, and after eight years left to pursue her side hustle of personal training and online health coaching. After two years she quickly turned the side hustle into a million dollar coaching business, and has helped hundreds of clients create millions in revenue for themselves. Jess specializes in course creation, social media strategy and organic marketing, lead generation, sales and online business build-out. She has built two signature courses that help entrepreneurs both start and then scale their businesses into multiple six figures and beyond. Both courses come fully stocked with a team of coaches including an in house accountant, lawyer, tech wizard and mindset coach. Jess’s mission with her coaching business is to cause a ripple effect and inspire change for generations to come, making a massive impact and leaving a lasting legacy beyond her singular actions.

Coco Eco:

What empowers you everyday to run your business as you simultaneously empower others to run successful businesses?

Jess Glazer:

So many aspects of my business and my greater mission empower me. Mostly the fact that I get to help other people put food on the table, pay rent, send their kids to college, and live a life where they can have financial ease while helping others, is the main fire in my belly. Helping show them that they have gifts to share with the world, guiding them to extract those gifts, identify who they can help, simplifying how to market in a way where they can be paid their worth in exchange for their service; it’s quite literally magical!!

The core ethos of my business is “giving back” and “education.” For every client that I work with, I donate education to one student for one year of education overseas through Pencils of Promise. Empowering my clients to give back, as well as serve their gifts is just a part of the ripple effect!


What drove you to leave your fitness training/coaching business and convinced you to switch over to business coaching?


I love this question because it was a complete accident! I spent 16+ years working as a celebrity personal trainer. During my time as a teacher I would train clients at nights and on weekends, which eventually led me towards virtual training. In 2014, I started building an online coaching business, but only as a “side hustle.” In 2017, when I realized that what I had could be something bigger, I left my teaching job, went all in on my virtual business, scaled it to a multiple six figure business and then my trainer friends started asking me “how.” In November 2018, I began teaching and showing my peers how I built my business. One friend turned into three and then seven. Before I knew it, we were meeting weekly and I decided it was time to start charging. By April of 2019, I left my entire health/fitness behind and decided to focus solely on business coaching, building frameworks and scaling my process. Since then, I have served over 200 clients, helped create over 2 million in revenue for themselves and scaled my own business to a million dollar per year machine.


The best things always seem to be complete accidents or when we least expect them. Do you think there is a secret sauce to successfully running a business, or is it luck too?


I strongly believe that we create our own “luck.” This comes from tapping into our inner knowing, our intuition, and out gut feelings. It’s a practice of getting clear on your intentions and reverse engineering them both strategically (like business planning), as well as spiritually (like manifesting, visualizing, speaking it into existence, and future casting to the level at which you actually rewire your brain). “Luck” comes from getting uncomfortable, asking for help, putting yourself in the right rooms, networking and doing the inner work. Only then do things “fall in your lap.”

YOU are the secret sauce! I say this all of the time. In a world of instant gratification, social media, and coaches on every corner, the only way to stand out amongst the noise is to be YOU. Just like there is a coffee shop on every corner . . . People go to a coffee shop because they like the environment/vibe, company mission, location of ease, employees that work there, quality of the product, etc. The easiest way to ensure your business will be successful (before strategies like outsourcing, marketing, etc) is to make sure that it is 100% you: Your authentic voice, polarizing options and silly antics. Just show up as you and those who know, like and trust you will happily follow and buy!


We love your enthusiasm and would love to find out the best advice you’ve ever received.


When making a decision and facing fear, ask yourself “What is the worst case scenario?” For me, the worst-case scenario is often the place I’m currently in (hence why I’m unhappy and unfulfilled). So, if THIS is your worst-case scenario and you’re already living in it, why not try?


Yep, couldn’t agree more. What is the biggest piece of advice that you give out to other entrepreneurs?


My biggest advice is so cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason. Just start. There is no such thing as perfect, you’re always going to want to make it better, change it or do it again. If you wait for it to be perfect, you’re going to miss your chance. Take messy action and fall in love with feedback. Feedback isn’t failure, neither are mistakes; it’s all neutral and simply information you can use to grow and get better.


What’s next for you in terms of your coaching business? Any one or five year goals that you can share?


There are so many changes happening behind the scenes right now and I’m absolutely in awe of our big vision. Without giving too much away, here’s what we’re up to:

1. We’ve recently broken ground in Ghana and began building our school through Pencils of Promise. A school we intend to continue supporting in a variety of ways and as soon as we’re allowed to travel, we will be visiting!

2. We are not only adding additional products to our signature programs/courses, but we are currently in the process of turning all of those proprietary education portals into an actual online school. This is a piece to this “digital school” that does not exist and without sharing what it is yet, we are thrilled to be disrupting education and changing the future of both teaching/learning!


Please leave us with your favorite Warrior Women motto.


As a self diagnosed “recovering perfectionist, type, control freak” I can now identify with what it means to be a Warrior Woman. The last few years I’ve been living by my new WW motto and it’s changed the trajectory of my life, relationships and business:

• Asking for help is not a weakness, but rather a strength.

• “Ego is your biggest overhead” - Chris Harder.

• Take messy action because 80% done is always better than

100% waiting to be perfect.

Photos Courtesy of Jess Glazer


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