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Vegan Beauty Must-Haves

By Robin Tolkan-Doyle, Beauty Editor

The beauty market is brimming with brands touting all kinds of claims so when it comes to finding real authentic vegan beauty brands that are 100% free of any animal ingredients, it can be a bit of a scavenger hunt. While a brand may say it’s cruelty-free — certifying they don’t test on animals — it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re vegan. After doing our own research, we can vouch that the following beauty essentials are indeed not only vegan, but are formulated by ethical, conscious and compassionate brands that not only care about animals - they care about their consumers too.


$26 USD

Not all makeup brushes are created equal (many are made with animal hair). Antonym Cosmetics has been in the business of creating certified natural, organic products since 2013 and they’re entire collection of makeup brushes are made with the finest quality of laser-cut synthetic bristles to ensure exceptional softness and precision. The short-stemmed Kabuki brush is perfect for blending powder evenly onto the skin. It even comes with its own black vegan leather pouch perfect for popping in your purse.

PC: AntonymCosmetics


$32 USD

Face masks have really put a kibosh on lipstick these days, but Jane Iredale has a solution with her Beyond Matte Lip Fixation Collection… these babies stay put, mask or no mask. Formulated with plant-based oils that condition your lips while keeping them colored in a flattering killer shade, there’s no reason to skip your lipstick ever again.

PC: Jane Iredale


$34 USD

For a slight touch of drama to your visage, there’s no better illuminating powder around than Ilia’s Daylite Highlighting Powder. Unlike many that actually collect along your laugh lines, the buttery texture of this talc-free finely milled powder creates dimension to high points of your face, leaving only a subtle, smooth shimmer.

PC: Ilia Beauty


$36 USD

Every product from Dear Self comes with a positive affirmation powered by self-love and I Am Gleaming Rosehip + Sea Kelp Moisturizer really lives up to its name. Truly habit-forming, this facial treat is enriched with vitamin C, E & Aand smells divine. Formulated with Sea Kelp, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe, and Hyaluronic Acid you will look forward to layering this on morning and night.

​PC: Dear Self


$68 USD

Talk about a high-performing skin serum, Évolué’s Hydrating Serum is made up of a unique formula of various hyaluronic acids to plump and balance skin where it needs it most. It’s almost like it has a blueprint of your face to work from. Consider it your arsenal for fighting premature aging and fine line prevention.

PC: Évolué


$15 USD

Lué creates accessible and luxurious products with highly selective ingredients and this premium hand sanitizer is no exception. Organic alcohol removes 99.9% of germs while hyaluronic acid and calming honeysuckle nourish and replenish lost moisture to your hands.

PC: Évolué


$80 USD

The credo behind Riddle’s luxury fragrance oils is that each of their 7 non-toxic signature scents can work for everyone depending on the occasion. The light notes of peach, coconut, peony and magnolia, balanced with bergamot, sandalwood, amber and musk is for playtime, and will immediately make you smile.

PC: Riddle


Nutricosmetic Supplement

$49.50 USD per bottle (a 30-day supply)

Age happens. And so does hair loss. Oh, If we could all have thick, luscious locks forever. While there are tons of hair supplements on the market, SERO Professional is one of the only vegan nutricosmetics that not only increases hair volume, balances natural moisture in the hair and helps put an end to shedding, it is truly fast acting (most customers see improvements in 30 days).

PC: SERO Professional


If you’re not sure about whether a product you love or want to try out is vegan, PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program lists every registered company that is both vegan and cruelty-free here.


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