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The Pregnancy Guide to Clean Beauty

By Courtney Gerring, Contributing Editor

Over the past four years I’ve become a bit of a beauty junkie, buying all of the latest skincare products, being lured by the social media campaigns, and basically anything that says ‘gives you glowy skin.’ Once I knew I was expecting it was time to re-evaluate the products that I had, and start analyzing the ingredient list on each product. Of course everyone knows that what we put into our bodies can affect our baby’s development, but what we often forget is that what we put on our skin can be absorbed into the body. It’s important to make sure that any mother-to-be is seeking out non-toxic skincare, cosmetics and hair care. I’m so excited to share eight brands that are offering pregnancy-safe products, which you can feel confident buying into as an expectant mother or anyone looking for a more natural approach to their beauty routine.


$60 USD

When you need a quick pick-me-up during the day, reach for the Vital Ionic Mist by Immunocologie. During pregnancy some days may become long, and a quick hydrating mist not only restores radiance to the skin, but it also reduces redness and inflammation, featuring key ingredients such as Montmorillonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, and Illite Clay. The entire Immunocologie line lists out all of the ingredients in each product directly on the website for you to see clearly what you are putting on your skin. They also have a pretty incredible body serum that can be used to prevent stretch marks and is a spray bottle, which makes it very easy to spritz on the entire body. Plus it smells divine.

PC: Immunocologie


$58 USD

This oil is literally a heal all oil and is the holy grail of all oils. It can be used as an oil cleanse to cleanse the face, an intensive hair mask for fuller, thicker hair, and even an eyelash or eyebrow growth. It’s the perfect oil to apply on any blemishes, pigmentation or imperfections. During pregnancy I’ve personally experienced all sorts of hormonal skin issues, and this is a natural oil that will heal your skin. Made with 100% organic Calophyllum Tacamahaca (Tamanu Oil), a deeply nourishing oil that originates from Polynesia, it’s been used for centuries for its anti-aging, beauty, and healing benefits.

PC: Golden Secrets


$29 USD

A stretch mark cream that is 100% all-natural and physician-formulated, Bumpology combines both the hydration of butters and the strengthening protection of oils. Containing shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter, which provide nourishment and moisture, sunflower, coconut, and argan oils provide the proper vitamins needed to strengthen the skin. I personally love the thickness of the cream and how natural it felt on the skin. It’s also a nice hydration boost for the hands as you apply it to the belly.

P.C. Bumpology


$32 USD

Not only is the skin important to take care of as an expectant mother, so is the hair. I’ve noticed that my hair has grown fast and full during pregnancy, but that has also made it hard to manage. I’ve been able to fight frizz and damage with the hydration detangler from Rahua. It’s easy to mist on the hair and comb out, plus the scent will take you straight to a tropical paradise as it’s scented with passion fruit and mango. All of Rahua hair products are great for expectant mothers, as the brand's ethos is natural ingredients that are primarily sourced from the Rainforest.

PC: Rahua


$15 USD

When acne starts to creep in and you need a good spot treatment that delivers results with natural ingredients, we’ve finally found one. Lue CLEAR Spot Control uses a blend of 12 herbs and organic biodynamic alcohol, a tincture that is an all-natural spot treatment for flawless skin. One ingredient that is on the toxic list for an expectant mother is salicylic acid, and most acne spot treatments contain this ingredient. Lue is an exciting skincare brand because it’s creating acne fighting products that are free of chemicals and harsh ingredients.

PC: Lué


$185 USD

Talk about a rich luxurious balm. Furtuna Skin’s star product is the Replenishing Balm, which is a reparative balm made with a natural blend of medicinal botanicals that rejuvenate skin. The ingredients are all sourced in Sicily, Italy where they are fortified by nature, and loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. I’ve been applying this every night as part of my bedtime routine, and I couldn’t be happier with the texture and the moisture it provides. It’s such a powerful product that a little goes a long way and although a bit of a splurge, it’s the perfect self-care product that you can give to yourself and your skin.

PC: Furtuna Skin


$22 USD

Highlight that maternity glow with the Pure Shine Lip Gloss by Inner Beauty. Pregnancy glow is real and once you hit your second trimester, you’ll start to see it. It’s a great opportunity to let your natural skin shine through, but it’s also fun to add a bit of makeup. I’m loving this lip gloss as it hydrates without a sticky feeling, and it leaves just the right amount of color and shine. Inner Beauty is a great pregnancy-friendly cosmetics brand that delivers high quality and high performance cosmetics, with clean formulas.

PC: Inner Beauty


$16 USD

Pregnancy can be exhausting some days, and requires a bit of an extra boost even when it comes to your skin care. I’ve been reaching for the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream from 100% Pure, to provide a natural formula that de-puffs and brightens dark circles with caffeine from coffee and green tea. The rosehip oil nourishes the skin for a more softer and youthful look, and I’ll definitely be keeping this eye cream on rotation as I’ll need all I can get to look rested and refreshed.

PC: 100% Pure


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