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Take Care of You, Boo!

By Tiffany Paige, Contributing Editor

Taking care of yourself is not an option - it’s a necessity. We must nourish ourselves during these challenging times. Relax, restore and replenish.

Don’t be “burnt toast.” What does this mean? You give every one around you the good pieces and you take the burnt one. Take care of you.

If you are “burnt” out (pun intended) you can’t be present and feeling good for your family and friends. Burnout can wreak havoc on your health with stress, fatigue, reduced mental clarity, anxiety, frustration, and an inability to sleep, to name a few symptoms. As the flight attendants instruct us on airplanes, now more than ever it’s important to put that oxygen mask on ourselves first before anyone else. How about instead of an oxygen mask we start with an at-home beauty mask to refresh the skin.

I like the sheet masks by Andalou Naturals. They’re quick and easy. Lay down with your hair back, up in a towel, or in a shower cap. Put a towel down on your pillow, as it can be a little drippy. There’s a variety based on your skin’s needs, so choose the one that’s right for you. My pick is the Instant Brighten & Tighten Hydro Serum and the Instant Lift & Firm Hydro Serum. I see a difference right away!

Since you’re taking twenty minutes to relax, maybe listen to a podcast; a meditation on the mindfulness app or from Deepak Chopra either on YouTube or Chopra Center Meditation; or listen to your favorite tunes.

If you have time to mix and apply, there’s Alitura Naturals Clay Mask with nine nutrient-dense ingredients. Mix with water, apple cider vinegar, or a combo of both, and watch your skin transform. Add the micro-needling element if you don’t mind being a little pink overnight. It is truly an all-in-one facial treatment.

If you’re going to relax with a mask on your face, why not get your hair involved as well? I’m not even brushing mine everyday. That top bun is permanent! A deep conditioning mask could be just what your bed-head needs. You can DIY it with organic coconut oil. I keep a jar on standby for my hair, my body for a silky glow, and after sun care, even adding a bit to my dog’s food for many health benefits. Quick tip: don’t dig your fingers into the jar; use a clean spoon and you’ll maximize the varied usage. If you’d like a few more ingredients, Shea Moisture offers a myriad of treatments for specific hair-care needs. They even have packets, so that you can try a few versions.

When we look our best, we feel our best. Maybe up the game, and put on your “good” casual clothes? I love LA Relaxed; comfy, soft, and completely sustainable. Maybe pop on a dress from time-to-time too.

Now that you’re dressed, spend some time outdoors and go for a walk. The sunshine and vitamin D will do you good and if you have a dog, even better. Get out in nature. Your pup will thank you. It’s my daily ritual that I look forward to. We make coffee with MCT oil and take our Chihuahua for a long walk. Of course we have our face coverings in tow.

If you don’t have a fur baby to tag along, maybe have a Facetime call with a friend. It is important to stay connected, weekly if you can. A good friend can uplift you and put you in such a good mood.

Exercise will also keep your spirits lifted, releasing endorphins. It’s easy to fall out of a routine with the days rolling into each other. There are many free apps available as well as some great online classes. I do dance and abs with Swerve Studio. I like Pilates with Pilates Evolved, and if you can, have a trainer come to your home and workout in your backyard or even front yard. I highly recommend @Vanthetrainer if you’re in the Los Angeles area.

Lastly… Laugh! It’s hard to find humor with everything that’s happening in our world, our community and even on TV. Everything is so heavy and dark. Watch a funny movie or TV show. If you can’t stop binge watching the “Handmaid’s Tale,” at least lighten it up before going to bed. Save that 30-minute comedy ‘til the end of your TV watching for a more restful sleep.

It is important to take a little time out of the day EVERYDAY for yourself. This is your life. Make sure it’s bringing you joy. And don’t forget, you can have that glass of wine if you like. It’s all about balance, right?


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