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Springing Out!

By Fiona Tedds, New York Editor

It’s Earth Month and it’s spring, which gives us so many reasons to celebrate and focus on our continuing love for our planet, as well as making consumer choices that reflect care for our Earth and its resources. I love this change of seasons when everything comes back to life in nature and we can relish some warmer days, as well as an opportunity to care for ourselves with renewed vigor.


$4.95 USD

After the winter months, it is time to throw open the windows and spruce the place up a bit. I’m fanatical about my cleaning products being natural with a delicious fragrance - as well as effective - and the Attitude range of cleaners does all of that. This pink grapefruit cleaner is superb and that zesty smell actually makes cleaning quite a pleasure - imagine such a thing!

PC: Attitude


$28 USD

Fragrance plays such a huge part in well-being, and I will forever return to those scents featured in the beautiful candles of Brand & Iron. The quality of these hand-poured, soy candles is exceptional and I want to fill my home with the fragrance of Jasmine and Vetiver, which is both mood lifting as well as sensually relaxing. Pure magic.

PC: Brand & Iron


$40 USD

Cosmic Matcha made by the cult brand Moon Juice: who wouldn’t want to try that? Mushrooms to nourish your skin and all kinds of other yummy ingredients like ashwagandha that will help with stress and feed your body. I’m looking forward to sharing a cup of this with a friend instead of my usual tea time. The question is just what is the appropriate cookie to serve alongside?

PC: Moon Juice


$149 USD

Natural remedies for anxiety and depression have helped many people during this recent extra-stressful time, and this Ginger and Black Pepper Tincture from Remedy Plant Lab remains a favorite with me. It now comes in a larger size bottle, with slightly more CBD, and I must admit that I particularly love putting a couple of drops of this delicious-tasting oil on my salad.

PC: Remedy Plant Lab


Ekobo Bamboo Pasta Bowl - 4 Piece Set

$43 USD

The French eco-lifestyle brand Ekobo makes well-designed products from sustainable materials and this bowl, which is so nice to hold in your hand and perfect for the one-dish meal, is a great example from their beautiful range. Hardest part is choosing which colors to enjoy from the sunny rainbow they come in!

PC: Ekobo


Luffa Gardens The Best Dish Washing Sponge Ever

$7.95 USD

I have a thing that I hate touching plastic dishwashing sponges ( so dirty, just ‘Ewww’ in my mind) and I was delighted to discover these natural Luffa sponges that are grown in California and that not only last much longer, but that are also so much cleaner. Anything that can naturally replace the plastic alternative is just fine by me, and now I’m really looking forward to visiting the family farm next time I’m on the West Coast.

PC: Luffa Gardens


Ariana Bohling Suri Alpaca Slipper

$198 USD

I’m a firm believer in indoor slippers that never go outside and that keep your toes warm, so I couldn’t be more delighted to discover the incredible range of slippers from Ariana Bohling. They are artisan-made in Peru from sustainably sourced and cruelty-free Alpaca fur and there’s so many pretty designs from which to choose. Truly, these are fun on your feet!

PC: Ariana Bohling


Scott Siedman's The Honey Bee Print

$75 USD

Painter Scott Siedman’s beautiful work of a honey bee he has so sweetly nicknamed Vera, is a reminder of how very important these little creatures are to our existence and to the fine balance on our planet. The original oil painting is available from Scott but you can also purchase a gorgeous poster of this luscious image.

PC: Scott Siedman


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