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Radhi Devlukia-Shetty’s Eco Loves

By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

Photo Credit: Nick Onken

Dedicated to the practice of Ayurveda, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty’s focus is on mind, body and soul nourishment. As a talented vegan chef, her passion for products that are cruelty-free and non-toxic extends beyond the kitchen, and she chooses to support smaller brands that do business with integrity. With the belief that everything is energy, Radhi carefully selects the items she will incorporate into her life, and enthusiastically celebrates special products that are authentically made and align with her values. In today’s world, it’s a perfect time to consider the companies we wish to support, and choose those that operate with an emphasis on clean ingredients, doing business for good, and kindness to people, planet and animals. Here are some of Radhi’s favorite things, which beyond having sustainability at their core, all stand for a better world . . . Something we can all endorse right now.


Manjistha Cleanser, Saffron Brightening Serum (Radiant Rani), Fortifying Hair Serum (Mighty Majesty), Jasmine Tonic and a Kansa wand . . . VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE, AYURVEDIC AND NATURAL! I use these products as part of my daily skincare rituals, and so appreciate unique, smaller brands that really stick to their values, ethos and quality of ingredients.

PC: Ranavat


I absolutely love Green Pan. Nothing sticks to them, they’re beautiful, they’ve got such a clean finish on the inside and beautiful colors on the outside, and they’re not toxic—the coating is derived from sand. If you’re investing in anything, invest in a good set of pans. It can affect the taste of the food, and also whatever else is creeping into your food.

PC: Green Pan


My wonderful friend Deepica started Live Tinted, and is building a community and a platform to celebrate the unique beauty of everyone! Live Tinted shows the product and people with honesty and integrity, and it's EXTRA exciting because it's all VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE.

PC: Live Tinted


*ESSENTIAL OILS* .. I talk about this a lot but I guess it's because I seriously believe it. Every single thing carries energy, including scents. Ayurveda says that oils and scents carry different qualities just like food. Some smell spicy and energising, some sweet and subtle, some light and fresh, and some earthy and heavy. Whatever it is we want to feel or think our body is in need of, we should try and fill all our senses with that.  My sister @girlboyfoodbaby has been teaching me small things, especially about the incredible pure @doterra blends which I can't get enough of! I even add some to my shampoos or coconut oil that I use in my haircare routine...*Cue picture of me smelling my hair and feeling seriously Zenned out!

PC: doTerra


Parachute does the most beautiful bedding – when we moved into our new home, we got a set for every room! I love their philosophy that when we take care of our home, it takes care of us.

PC: Parachute Home


Absolutely the best juicer you will ever use. You have so much more juice, and less waste. It tastes so flavoursome and is so easy to clean. The team at Nama are incredible as well – it’s such an authentic company who want to help people consume more fruit and veg and go beyond just juicing, to create healthy habits.

PC: Nama Well


There’s so much food waste in the world because grocery stores don’t want ‘ugly’ produce on their shelves. Imperfect Foods sustainably source their products and make sure that all items and ingredients are of a high standard. Plus they are 30% cheaper than most grocery stores! 

PC: Imperfect Foods


I love Sahajan, especially their Nurture Hair Oil which smells incredible!! All their products are natural, and based on the 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda.

PC: Sahajan


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