NY Editor Loves: Sharp Styling for Shifting Seasons

By Fiona Tedds, New York Editor

As we go into the cooler days, it's a joy to fill your life with color and unique pieces that provoke thought and conversation, as well being supremely stylish. Pieces produced by small businesses, especially in my adopted home of NYC, are always up there in my picks.

Johanna Björk Pink VOTE T-Shirt

$42 USD

I love the minimal but powerful graphics Johanna designs and this eye-catching reminder to VOTE nestled into cleavage - especially printed on a sustainable cotton, pink shirt - is perfect for the month of October as we fight continue our fight against breast cancer.

PC: JohannaBjörk

Vivienne Westwood Johanna Heart Crossbody Bag in Red

$355 USD

Made of vegan leather with her iconic orb logo on the front, this charming crossbody bag is a reminder from the legendary activist and designer that love always rules, especially in this playful and chic form.

PC: Vivienne Westwood

Alyson Eastman Estate Trench in Orange

$2,450 USD

All of Alyson's luxurious designs are produced in Italy and New York, and made from sustainably sourced leather and suede in companies where there is a strong ethical commitment to the best working conditions possible. This beautiful suede coat in this divine orange color is a classic that would brighten any wardrobe for years.

PC: Alyson Eastman

Vetta Leatherette Skirt

$139 USD

A great mini skirt that can be worn with boots and tights in the fall is a staple for any capsule wardrobe, which Vetta specializes in pulling together for you. This one is made from organic cotton stretch denim, and is the perfect piece paired with lots of color or as part of the NY uniform – all black!

PC: Vetta