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Home Comforts: Self Care with Love

By Fiona Tedds, New York Editor

Dealing with Covid quarantine means spending more time at home, a place that is your sanctuary and for many people, also the place from which you work. This means it is even more important to fill your space with items that support you, physically and emotionally, hitting and soothing all the senses.


$24 USD

Candles from this thoughtful, sustainable brand have the most beautiful fragrances, with the complex combo of light night-blossoming jasmine and deep earthy vetiver being my favorite. Starting this company whilst recovering from a liver transplant, its founder created these beautiful products and fragrances as he overcame the adversity of his health challenges, making this an ideal candle to perfume your space and inspire you right now.

PC Brand+Iron


$110 USD

If wine is your thing, then what could be better than having delicious bottles selected for you and sent to your door every month? Plonk Wine Club is a monthly subscription that delivers international, natural wines directly to you so you don’t have to brave the store and stand in line. Pandemic or not, this seems like one of the best ideas ever.

PC Plonk Wine Club


$5,450 USD

Ana is committed to sustainable sourcing and conflict-free stones in her jewelry designs,and this exquisite, handcrafted talisman is an ideal piece to wear constantly as a reminder of my supportive community during this challenging time. Designed with love and created with care, it’s all about focusing on the positive.

PC Ana Katerina


$105 USD

This delicious, spicy tincture is a perfect stress reliever to help you mellow out when life has thrown you a few extra curveballs. Its special properties have also been linked to improved sleep and pain relief, particularly as an anti-inflammatory. Sourced from hemp grown in Oregon, Remedy provides plant-based healing combined with sustainable practices – a natural win for you and the world.

PC Remedy


$195 USD

Basil calls them ‘paper bags’ because of their shape, but they’re really hand crafted by him from luxurious suede and leather in his studio in San Francisco. His materials are responsibly sourced with natural processing in mind, and these beautiful bags are perfect for throwing a few things in for the beach or popping to the store.

PC Basil Racuk


$17.99 USD

Teeccino now has a whole new bunch of flavors that are really geared towards gut health, containing prebiotics and other ingredients that are good for your body. As much as I love coffee, Teeccino really has replaced it in my daily routine, so no more stressed-out tummy or anxiety from over-caffeination.

PC Teeccino


$45 USD

Made here in New York by a mother and daughter team, this beautiful face mask is made from luxurious natural fibers that you’ll love having on your face. Constructed with a mini zipper on the front, just big enough to insert a straw through makes it ideal for a socially distanced hang. Genius!  

PC Odell Design


$15 USD

It has become important to carry around some way to clean your hands if regular washing is not an option, and I’m loving this hand cleansing gel, which not only smells of delicious honeysuckle, but also is good for my skin. Made from premium-grade organic alcohol and moisture retaining hyaluronic acid, you’ll want to keep it in your bag long after the pandemic has passed.

PC Jean Seo


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