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Mask Makeup Matters

By Anna Griffin, Editor In Chief

PC: Natalie Olson, modeling Deborah Lindquist

As wearing face masks is going to be our “normal”for the foreseeable future, reworking our makeup routine is essential. With our new constant of needing to cover our faces while looking flawless, the focus becomes about great skin,strong eyes, softly contoured cheeks, and a naturally stained lip.On the practical, it’s about cosmetics that are lightweight and won’t clog our pores and cause breakouts. It’s also about products that don’t strip off our beautiful visage when removing our mask, so we can confidently snag that socially distanced job interview, new client or date,without cringing that our face is half naked. As we adapt, practicality is key and within that,employing a small arsenal of effective, clean cosmetics that perform,leaving us feeling confident and looking elegant in all situations. These products are tried, tested and true,and are all a girl needs to look effortlessly fabulous, pandemic or not. Soft and subtle is paramount, promoting a fresh face while highlighting our most prominent asset, our eyes.


1. Build a Good Foundation

Your base is everything, so it’s critical to choose a great lightweight team that can cover blemishes and perfect skin tone, with products that are lightweight enough to let your skin breath through your mask, and effective enough not to dissolve underneath it or transfer with mask removal.

$50 USD

This mineral BB Cream glides on easily, effortlessly covering blemishes and shadows under the eyes, while smoothing skin tone. Its lightweight formula provides great coverage, but lets pores breath. That its vegan and cruelty free, leaves us feeling as good as we look

PC: Jane Iredale

$38 USD

This organic, lightweight powder can be applied with a brush or sponge for a professional yet natural looking base, and gives great coverage. It won’t clog pores and can go the distance in performance, guaranteeing a flawless finish.

PC: Antonym Cosmetics

$30 USD

This little stick of magic adds the finishing touch, by refracting light to conceal dark shadows and brighten tired eyes. Cucumber and wild tea extract help to calm skin and reduce puffiness, giving effective coverage and luminosity in a handy, little pen.

PC: Jane Iredale


2. The Eyes Have It

With the bottom half of our faces covered, it’s all about the eyes. Without the diversion of a pretty lip, we’re operating at half steam and now is when a strong eye is key. A good brow frames the face and draws attention, but must be followed by a strong eye look, and accentuated with long, healthy lashes.

$24 USD

Clean, high-tech sea minerals in this tinted gel smooth and shape with near perfect color and depth, for effortless tamed and conditioned brows, and the perfect frame for your face.

PC: Jane Iredale

$39 USD

With its organic, rich pigmented and versatile color palette,and long lasting, velvety finish, this eyeshadow compact is all a girl needs. Eyes can be as natural or dramatic as wanted, and the results will always be professional, luminous and captivating.

PC: Antonym Cosmetics

$28 USD

This award-winning, clean mascara lifts, curls and lengthens to add volume and depth. With its nourishing formula and patented double-sided wand, the shorter bristles add volume and curl, while the longer bristles lift, lengthen and separate, for a perfect, limitless and statement-making lash.

PC: Ilia Beauty


3. Finishing Touches

A touch of summery bronze and softly contoured cheekbones add dimension while highlighting a flawless base and strong eyes. Finish with a stained lip and the look is naturally embellished, and always polished and elegant.

$59 USD

This convenient, bamboo compact houses two organic all-stars - an ultra-pigmented matte bronzer partnered with a luminescent highlighter.Effortlessly contour, or sweep the bronzer as a final finish for a sun-kissed healthy,summer glow.

PC: Antonym Cosmetics

$32 USD

This creamy, vegan pigment is a two-in-one hero, bringing a flush of subtle color to both cheeks and lips in a nourishing cream formula. Dewy cheeks and a modern matte lip that won’t transfer onto masks,ensure the perfect finish.

PC: Ilia Beauty


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