Loved Up: A Guide to Valentine’s Gift Giving

By Fiona Tedds, New York Editor

Valentine’s gift giving can certainly be clichéd, but there’s a lot to be said in favor of a little romance and some candlelight, even if you’re only taking time for some self-care and relaxation. I always see this time as an excuse to indulge myself as well as celebrate those I love, and while these thoughtful gifts could all easily be sent to your loves if you’re not able to be with them, why not just order and enjoy them yourself?

Brand + Iron Jasmine + Vetiver Candle

$27 USD

I keep on returning to these all-natural, sustainable candles because they have the most incredible fragrances, and I would literally bathe in the scent of this jasmine and vetiver candle if I could. It’s insanely sensuous and perfect for setting the mood, even if it’s only to unwind and relax after a long day.

PC: Brand + Iron

Fine and Raw ‘Love is the Answer’


$65 USD

This wonderful chocolatier in nearby Brooklyn makes incredible organic chocolates, and this fabulous box has a whole combination of some of their very best bean-to-bar yumminess. If chocolate is the way to your lover’s heart, this present will get you there at express speed. This is next-level deliciousness.

PC: Fine and Raw

Pattern Village ‘Water Crush’

Dressing Gown

$130 USD

These beautiful robes are made from a luxurious textile, which is surprisingly produced from recycled plastic bottles, and for every purchase, Pattern Village plant a tree in partnership with the organization One Tree Planted. It’s really a no-brainer; these kimono-like dressing gowns are wonderfully glam and you’re doing a bit for the planet too.

PC: Pattern Village

Gigi Chen ‘Tell Me What You Want,

Tell Me What You Need'

$4,000 USD

New York artist Gigi has been fascinated with the story of the bower birds for years, birds that take their time building their nests from found objects to attract their future mates. During this time of nesting for so many of us, this gorgeous work takes on a whole new level of meaning, and as a Valentine's gift, it would truly be profound.

PC: Gigi Chen

Ana Katerina Love Locket Ring