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How To Keep Your Style Up, When You Might Be Feeling Down!

By Asha Spacek-Hobbs, Fashion Editor

What do you do when it's become difficult climbing out of bed, you're constantly worried about the uncertainty, or you're just having the 'not like you,' lockdown blues? How do you begin shifting your concerns to excitement for your reinvented, fashion choices? Remember that style you had that absolutely ruled your ootd (outfit of the day) hashtags, mirrored and car selfies, and those jovial or pretending NOT to be feeling sexy pouts you'd post enroute to work or school? It all just paused. But we know your style identity is still there! It can be difficult, but there are ways to help stabilize your brain, your mood/aura and your style back into those streets, with positivity, mental balance and glee, regardless of where you might be in your 2020 journey of resetting your life. Here are some very attainable tips:


Style for your Moods, Not the Season

Forget the calendar- even Rihanna said during her, Savage Fenty, Amazon Original TV series that she wears sweatpants when she just wants to be depressed. Don't fight the fatigue feeling: Appreciate not having to dress up daily possibly for the first time in a great while, by becoming familiar with the crave of athleisure/loungewear. Coming from a place of honesty, Alo Yoga (in particular), has been rising in popularity because their various collections from soft matte to sherpa to draped blouse tops, pull off a sexy, yet feasible, daily quality. Whether running errands or literally lounging around shooting social media videos, looking and feeling attractive in comfortable, ethical fabrics never hurt anyone!

Aside from updating your wardrobe with modern, luxury, leisure workout and loungewear pieces, be mindful that even while getting back into your cafe' visits, weekly fresh grocery runs or even the post office, the smallest effort of adding a bit of bling on your sneakers (as you may have never done before) could even help you step out a lot more often in these uncertain of days. Don’t be afraid to show off a new, sassy, urban flair, which you can mix with loungewear, or simply steal “hot girl summer” inspo vibes and throw on some fall layers to keep moving in style. As you wean yourself off of this new found love of comfy sweats and yoga pants, adding heels and polished outer layers is also a cool direction that we're constantly seeing pop up on our social feeds, to achieve a more stylized look while maintaining our mood of comfort and ease. Alo Yoga- which started in Los Angeles (with solar powered offices, of course), states how they are 100% sweatshop free and eco aware, endure in-office recycling and wear their WRAP certified platinum certification quite proudly, taking their celebrity fave studio-to-streetwear, to new heights.

PC: Alo Yoga Instagram


Dress Up with Sunnies

From oversized square, aviator (created in 1937), retro round, slinky cat eye, to just a classic metal or rimless frame, sunglasses (or tinted eyewear) can certainly help you feel sexy, alive, renewed, understood, stated, protected, dominant and even safe!

Aside from feeling like Miranda Priestly at the end of famed 2006 movie, "The Devil Wears Prada," sunnies- regardless of what coast or country you reside or visit, can really take on another character: Another you. These ageless beauties can definitely help you feel revived as you resurrect from your sofa, open your blinds and start to realign yourself with the rest of the world via overdue life errands, job seeking or exploring nature and start feeling like your old self again (post Covid warfare). Try on a pair of shades you're comfortable with - then a completely outlandish pair of frames you never would dare- and see how you feel! Get out of your style comfort zone without losing your morale by exploring quality finishes like tortoise, marble, metal, wood, cork, wheat and bamboo, offered by a company who know a bit about the Vitamin-D, friendly sunshine and glam, like Australian-based company, Sticks & Sparrow. Why not- movie star, diva, boss b***h, Miss Namaste...?!

Beyond boosting your seasonal style and upgrading your entire look, some recent tinted, spectacle brands claim they have created mood enhancing sunglasses using filtered light. Going deeper, did you know there is allegedly such a thing as 'color therapy' in which you are inspired to use various, assigned shades of "colored lenses" to ward off things like anxiety, creating tranquility, confidence and even possibly, healing migraines?

On a final sunwear note, it shouldn't come as a surprise that you can also venture into chakra mood light therapy by purchasing chromotherapy glasses. You can easily grab a pair ranging from pretty affordable to high-end options, from popular e-commerce websites. Treating everything from insomnia and jet lag to the misalignment of patterns of light and darkness (like we've been lacking these several months), to increasing mood and energy levels, it is suggested these powerful bursts of polarized sunshine can really assist.

Following months of quarantine hibernation, is it really a risk to give any of these sun- or no-sun fighters, a try - even if just for fun!

Note: seek professional care before starting any type of new medical routine

PC: Sticks & Sparrow via The Good Trade


Upgrade Your Outerwear

From cape coats to statement scarves, vintage denim, fingerless gloves, ruffled faux leather jackets and more, you can really throw on a magnificent piece or two of heightened outerwear, over virtually anything! You'll most likely feel like a celebrity trying to avoid the paparazzi with this unintentionally intended, "low effort" fashion mantra that has taken over 2020. Try to avoid hats if possible (unless super necessary, weather permitting), and fashion-forward like a brand new fedora or beret to help you feel spunky. Traditional or "boring," outdated (different from vintage) hats or team/promo ball caps can usually increase depressed-like feelings by hiding oneself, as opposed to putting yourself on center stage with a brim that can't help but make a "good" fuss.

If you’ve been loving the abnormally warm, fall-into-winter weather, or live in a city like L.A. (where your autumn is not as cool as say, New York City), then you’ll probably have fun, and fall for this newer-concept, outer item, presented by Slovenia brand, Benedetti Life. Where do we begin with the nature of its uniqueness? 80% of this chic and sensuous biker jacket is made up of pineapple leaves. Yes, pineapple can be THIS appealing! The company uses something called Piñatex®, which represents the latest technological solution for a biodegradable replacement for leather. This international fashion label is obviously eco luxury and cruelty-free. Benedetti Life feels responsible to use only non-toxic and organic textiles and sustainable production practices, which do not harm the water, soil, animal or human health. They go a step further to maintain local and Italian production, but make it a priority to practice quality manufacturing processes and supply chains, while putting workers’ conditions at the forefront of their operations. Here at Coco Eco, we definitely want to follow more well-rounded brands that perhaps are not on our usual radar, and we can all look super cute while doing so.

PC: Benedetti Life


Boost your Undergarment Game

Adding lace, sheer transparency, mesh, a bit of silk and other sexy add-ons - even if staying inside - can be a mood booster! Ordering a specialty tea or coffee while wearing a sexy number (seen or unseen) can certainly bring on feelings of flirty (rather than frumpy) very quickly, as we step back into societal norms. A lot of independent, as well as commercial, brands are nudging us in the direction of lingerie-inspired pieces to be worn [more] outdoors. One brand that is empowering sustainable beauty and glam, while aware not only of their activist pursuits, but really implementing their staying power, is Stella McCartney. While previously known for their very feminine, eco conscious pieces, this season they have decided to jump on the bring-out-the-youth, more playful mood in us all, which is much needed now. With all the seriousness going on in the world, our undergarments can definitely take a break from can’t-breath hooks and can’t-wait-to-take-off-when-home structures, that look appealing, but are the least bit comfortable.

This staying-put, fashion trend of sexy-ease-and-tease, even allows for you to show off some of those risque' choices under a blazer, with a one-shoulder sweater or crop top, naughty pants with cut out panels and beyond. Or just wearing them underneath your daily garments without any public sighting at all, can help you feel a heightened energy and maybe even inspire some adventurous activities.

PC: Stella McCartney


Funky Face Masks

We're all stuck with having to wear them, so why not increase your collection of face masks? From adornments to political and cultural celebrations, face masks are quickly becoming the street-runway version of freedom of speech, and an opportunity to have a personal style moment. It's probably a great idea to stash a mix of basic colors, as well as evening-appropriate, and of course those outlandish statement options to get you through the rest of this "required to enter" season. If you’re suddenly drawn to the camo trend that’s kind of taken over this year, then having a cloth, camouflage-patterned face mask, totally makes sense. Keep with the vegan fashion revolution ethos of Immaculate Vegan, by adding this recycled fabric, three-layer, camo cutie to your collection! It’s breathable enough to workout in, and it is washable and soft against the skin, despite its complex exterior.

PC: Immaculate Vegan


Embellish with a New Fragrance

Splurge on a new scent that you may have discovered on social media that will gleefully arrive at your door, or take a walk outdoors to a local boutique, and choose from an array of carefree fragrances that you can wear throughout your day. Adding several new scents can really get your body moving again, start conversation amongst others nearby, and can certainly elevate your mental thoughts about yourself and others you want to attract. Citrus, vanilla, lavender, jasmine, and even rosemary and pine, are all proven, mood enhancing fragrances.

As we embark on our ethical exploration, it can become difficult to reshape everything in our space. It is refreshing to note that a bottle from Providence Perfume Co. will not only make you feel great about your sustainable purchase while you smell naturally amazing, but will elevate your vanity with a chic-looking perfume bottle. Inviting an aesthetically pleasing and finest, 100% natural, botanical perfumery into your space, should aid in your own increased joy because you love your scent- but also- as you glance by such an attractive new bottle, you can’t help but feel more "together" in your life, which could seem overwhelmingly difficult right now. This slight splurge on yourself will be worth it!

We tend to forget that for centuries, fragrance has always been intended to be our final- or for some, first - accessory, as we dress each day. Even if you're feeling too low to shower, spritz a fresh and clean, sweet or floral scent under your armpits, and keep it moving! You should feel a little spring in your step, regardless how your day may have started.

PC: Providence Perfume Co.


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