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Fashion Editor Loves: Accessories Dominate Fall

By Asha Spacek-Hobbs, Fashion Editor

As many of us begin our eco journeys of making more conscious and sustainable fashion choices we look to accessories, which can often be more inviting, interchangeable and seamless to integrate when starting our new mindful, minimal fashion closets. This certainly does not, however, mean you are not allowed edgy, desirable items that you would normally scour to pair with your fall ensemble this season. Don't be shy if you're a newcomer to this fascinating world, or an existing pro - we will grow our eco closets together! There's always lots of undiscovered, as well as comfortably established, luxe designers to unveil and celebrate from around the globe. This month, we focus on women-owned brands that are stylishly reinventing our wardrobes, one ethical accessory at a time.


$1,190 USD

Luxury and ethical faux fur- designed in Geneva, and made in Paris, these various styles and lengths (with or without hood), provide optimum wear from day to night. Completely cruelty-free, this glamorous, Peta approved line was created by former international fashion buyer and luxury activist, Nadja Axarlis. Her proven desire was to create an elegant and ethical alternative to fur-produced fashion that is timeless and sophisticated. The current Blue Swagger coat wears an easy to fit drawstring for a flattering or full silhouette with large pockets.

PC: Faz Not Fur


$18-$35 USD

It's tights season! You won't mind taking on the chill with the option of classic styles to enthralling printed patterns (even leopard) to love. The unbelievable choice of vivid textures and colors, including bright red and a vibrant blue, were started by Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg. Their claim to fame is marked as, 'the only sustainable hosiery brand worldwide,' out of their zero-waste, 100% emission free, facility in Italy. Their knitted from recycled yarn products can actually be recycled, and product reviewers say they are comfortable, and durable enough to wear daily.

PC: Swedish Stockings


$654 USD

This 100% animal free, showstopper (art inspo heel included) is obviously channeled and designed in NYC, yet wonderfully made in Italy. With super femme fatale vibes, you will certainly be noticed wearing this faux leather- very attractive- footwear. Recently founded in 2019 by girl pals, Danielle Goldman and Athanasia Diamantis-Svec, and artfully crafted by designer Kyle Blackmon, the salivate worthy Demeter boot is fit for any fashion street you cross, or power room you enter. Travel dust bag included.

PC: Sylth Virago


$160 USD

The Autumn/Winter 2020 lingerie collection is their most eco-friendly collection to date. The animal-friendly design house focuses this season on youthful and flirty easy-to-wear bodysuits, bralettes, triangle and crop bras. The Gloria balconette can totally be donned under a blazer or blouse, for a nice peek-a-boo effect. Made by women for women, the brand's eco impact report, expansion into sustainable kid wear and even digital festivals to stop violence against women, show that Stella McCartney is not backing down in regards to building her lifestyle brand, on and offline.

PC: Stella McCartney


$78 USD

Noted as the softest hoodie ever, the 'Softwear' company manufactures their own proprietary "cloudweave" fabric to earn such accolade, and simply put, it looks luscious! 100% designed and made in America, this buttery soft collection is proudly manufactured in Brooklyn, New York. Despite offering to men, this eco-friendly, non-toxic, modal, French terry cloth hybrid of luxury athleisure and loungewear, is female owned by Sabrina Zohar. She wanted to make something for the female form (without a front pocket) that looked and felt expensive, but without the luxury price tag. Mission accomplished!

PC: Verte Luxe


$54 - $$74 USD

Created by Haute Couture Milliner, Iva Ksenevich, darling Iva earned a positive raised brow for her wildly exuberant and magical, couture creations years ago, designing for possible magazine editorial and a special niche clientele that could very well appreciate a mini cage, or crafted artwork atop their crown. Fast forward to current day: Her mass-market notice has begun with her in-demand 'no waste' beret. This REALLY possible, Paris inspired creation is definitely attainable, for both your spring and fall wardrobe. From artificial leather and heavy fabrics for fall, to light and airy for spring, only the most eco-friendly and natural materials are selected from the hub of high-end Parisian couturiers, whilst giving you a traditional French headpiece. Cute, conversational, and approved for future fashion goers across the globe.

PC: Marais Beret  


$20 USD

From matte (always a fashion fave) and creme (much needed into winter), to lip gloss (how can you argue?), this amazing to-look-at accessory is shockingly sleek on display, or even to impress as you take it out of your clutch on-the-go, but still, checks all the FREE boxes of: Cruelty free, gluten free, paraben, sulfate, silicone and fragrance free. This stunning portrayal is also vegan and looks incredibly silky, full pigment and has a smooth finish, as it is infused with argan and jojoba natural oils. Besides tons of approved 5-star reviews, each sale goes to empower women in the arts. Founded by Latinx investor, Christina Kelmon, and filmmaker, Lauren Young, this exquisite looking lipstick, definitely earns a standing ovation. Bravo, ladies!

PC: Belle En Argent


$38 - $1,200 USD

A craftsman at heart, Lauren Shaddow offers an exponential amount of high end to moderately priced, handcrafted gift sets of beautiful gold cuffs, smooth and delicate etched, fun stacked silver, to personalized (including engraved pet memorial) pieces, literally within every budget and preferred style of jewelry. Some designs have that trendy hardware look while many others are playful and symbolic, then some just dangle right where they belong for daily styling. Her entire production process, from start to finish, is cruelty-free and she is committed to donating sales to local animal shelters. The hike from New Jersey to the Bay Area in northern California has proven to be a customized delight for everyone who discovers her brand.

PC: Lauren Shaddow


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