Fabulous Fall Hair

By Courtney Gerring, Contributing Editor

When fall hits it typically means cooler temperatures, and our hair and skin need a little extra attention. Embracing a change in our hair care routine is a great opportunity to try new products, which are sustainable, non-toxic, and use natural ingredients, to deliver the extra boost that our hair needs. Here are some favorites to make sure your hair feels fresh, rejuvenated, and looks shiny and healthy, no matter if you are on a Zoom call or making your way out of the house this autumn.

SERO Professional

Nutricosmetic supplement

$49.50 USD per bottle (a 30-day supply)

SERO was created to help generate new hair from within, and delivers a system of natural ingredients to live hair within the dermis. This vegan nutricosmetic supplement rich in natural ingredients, solves issues such as volume, moisture and overall hair health, while also giving a boost to brows and lashes needing a little boost.

PC: SERO Professional

Alterna Restructuring Bond Repair Masque

$45 USD

Fall is definitely a good time to dip your hands into a nourishing hair masque, and this Restructuring Bond Repair Masque is made with one of nature’s richest sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Caviar extract. This ingredient restores moisture, elasticity and shine to hair, while reducing breakage by up to 99% and rebuilding damage by smoothing the hair cuticle and adding moisture. Start the fall season by applying this masque 1-2 times per week for a month and no matter your hair type, you will experience a more nourished mane.

PC: Alterna

Tek Hairbrushes

$49 USD

The number one sustainable hair brush option, Tek hair brushes are handcrafted in Italy and are 100% FSC®. The collection features handles made from ash wood, and the pins of a Tek brush are perfectly turned and smooth, so they don’t show imperfections that can damage the hair. Tek brushes are not only good for the environment, but the wooden look is natural, modern and they even have a small travel brush for when we’re on-the-go. 

PC: Tek Italy

Tela Beauty Make It Bigger

$36 USD

Looking for thicker bigger hair? This is your product. Make it Bigger Hair Thickening Serum amplifies volume into each hair strand from root to end. The serum is weightless so it will not weigh down the hair, and is made with certified organic ingredients including Certified Organic Baobab Oil, Baobab Protein, and Quinoa Protein. Tela Beauty has a proprietary blend of 35 certified organic ingredients plus a certified organic regenerating blend that is Tela certified. Tela Beauty’s products are science inspired organics. Feel good about the volume you are putting in your mane with this nourishing hair thickening serum.

PC: Tela Beauty

KeraHealth, Follicle Hero

$70 USD (Shampoo & Conditioner)

Follicle Hero is a transformative shampoo and conditioner that targets hair loss and regenerates hair growth. KeraHealth Follicle Hero contains clinically tested ingredients and the patented KerCysteine®. KerCysteine® contains 18 amino acids that promote the production of Keratin, which is necessary to promote longer, healthier hair. When used consistently, this is a shampoo and conditioner that will provide you with less breakage and shinier more lustrous hair.