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Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Eco Loves

By Tiffany Paige, Contributing Editor

Photo Credit: Nick Onken

Who says you can’t have elevated luxury while still being socially conscious?

A “green girl” at heart, Emmanuelle grew up in an organic home. Her mom always had a beautiful garden and made things from scratch, so you could say the rest then just came “organically.” “Once you learn about it and the more you learn, the more you practice,” she says. Emmanuelle is passionate about companies that align with her conscious lifestyle, choosing clothing, jewelry and beauty lines with meaning and a story of sustainability. “When people know the story, you wear something with a lot more pride, people like to be a part of that.”

These brands are driven by a responsibility of caring about the health of our planet and the people and animals we share it with. The balance between beauty and doing good are what these brands hold true, and these female-founded companies are socially conscious with sustainability at their core. Choosing ethical luxury and where you spend your dollars can make you feel really good as we all stand for something better. As for Emmanuelle, here are some of her favorite eco conscious brands . . .


$598 USD

For red carpet fashion, I love Amur. Just beautiful fashions made totally sustainably. Amur stands for A Mindful Use Of Resources.

PC: Amur


$435 USD

Nikki Reed’s amazing sustainable jewelry line of jewelry, made from recycled gold from Dell computers.

PC: Bayou With Love


$125 USD

I literally live in their sneakers. They are completely sustainable and made from recycled materials.

PC: Rothy’s


$295 USD

Another favorite, sustainable clothing line, Dame has great t-shirts, jumpers, and blazers, as well as vintage apparel.

PC: Dame


$145 USD

A beautiful, conscious perfume brand, my favorite scent is Sandalwood Temple. It’s my everyday! They also have stunning all-natural candles.

PC: Sana Jardin


$425 USD

A 100 percent, vegan shoe company, super chic and luxurious. My favorite black booties are from them, and a sexy pair of animal print pumps.

PC: Taylor + Thompson


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