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Editor Loves: I Need A Hero

By Anna Griffin, Editor In Chief

Thankfully I am naturally positive, but like everyone I’ve had to conquer a myriad of emotions to maintain my equilibrium through months of Covid-19. Finding joy in the uncertainty has become a daily ritual, and from morning cuddles with my rescue pups to speaking to my Mom overseas in England, I have made a conscious choice to find happiness where I can. There have also been the products that have in some ways lifted my spirits, whether they are new finds that have brought me comfort through this crisis, or much-treasured, “hero” pieces from my closet that have given me a smile. That they are all eco-conscious is a given, but again gives me a lift because beyond being great products, they all contribute to a lighter footprint on our planet.

As we continue to navigate through the uncertainty of 2020 and Covid-19, finding the joy in each day has never been more important than now. Finding what makes you feel good and keeping spirits up is paramount, because feeling positive during hard times might really be our biggest hero of all.


$68 USD

Packed with essential vitamins, this plant based, powerhouse saved my unexpectedly ultra-sensitive, stressed, patchy and exhausted skin. Using this lightweight serum morning and night miraculously healed my skin, leaving it healthy, recharged and radiant, and making this a new staple in my skincare routine.


$95 USD

This signature, handcrafted, Old English necklace from Christie Martin, has long been a favorite in my jewelry box. Handmade in recycled silver, this piece always grabs my attention, and wearing it makes me feel like life is a bit more happening, even if I am stuck at home with nowhere to go.


$42 USD

I am a long time fan of Antonym Cosmetics, for their organic ethos and lightweight, yet highly performing formulas. This baked blush in Lily is a favorite, and a light sweep across my cheeks perks up my complexion, making me look radiant, even on the most stressful of days.


$140 USD

One of the original “green” fashion designers, I have known Deborah Lindquist for many years and the meticulous care and environmental passion that goes into every piece she creates. On those days when I need to “look” like an Editor on Zoom meetings, this leopard blouse made from deadstock fabric

is perfect, even though I probably have sweatpants on underneath.


$25 USD

This has been a favorite in my beauty arsenal for years, and no more so than during quarantine when my lips seemed forever chapped. A two-in-one powerhouse, the organic, brown sugar scrub gently exfoliates my lips, while the shea butter moisturizes with a subtle hint of color, leaving my lips soft, smooth and flush.


$29.99 USD

A staple in my daily diet, I put these alkalizing greens in my morning smoothies to start my day right with the required nutrients. When the Coronavirus hit our shores, protecting our immunity and boosting it with antioxidants became more crucial than ever before. Packed with organic greens, fruits, veggies and superfoods, this Sweet Berry powder is nutritious protection in one delicious scoop.  


$490 USD

Creating the first luxury, vegan shoe ever made in the prestigious shoe factories of Italy, Mink strives to create the finest cruelty-free footwear and is a celebrity favorite, designing shoes for Miley Cyrus and Dita Von Teese. I have been a longtime fan of the brand, and am lucky to own several pairs. Elk is one of my favorite designs and these sparkly pumps always perk me up. There are days when a girl just needs to put on her heels, even if it’s just to shimmy down her hallway in her sweats.


$16.99 USD

As I spend so much time in front of the computer, I am not a big reader of books. However, I couldn’t put this down, and read it cover to cover in three hours! A heartfelt and honest account of Maria and her late husband, Sean’s, journey from diagnosis of a rare form of brain cancer to his untimely passing, this moving story is a book for these uncertain times, with its comforting words of hope, courage and strength, which will leave every reader inspired.


$15 USD

When living with Covid-19 became our “new normal,” searching for a hand sanitizer that was organic, effective, and didn’t strip my skin with chemicals became a task: Then I tried Lué’s Purify. Killing 99% of germs with premium-grade, organic alcohol, its moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid nurtures my hands, while its gentle, honeysuckle fragrance lifts my spirits, and for a minute I forget why I need it.


$95 USD

An award-winning fragrance made from pure ingredients, IF is my signature scent. It’s fresh aroma of white flowers, grapefruit and yuzu, immediately shifts my mood and uplifts my spirits in one spritz, inspiring promise and possibility even on the darkest of days.


$69.99 USD

There are days when the stress of living through Covid-19 is a literal pain in the neck (back and head), and due to restrictions, I can’t go for a much-needed adjustment or massage. Packed with antioxidants to remove muscular toxins and inflammation, 1200mg of CBD, exotic organic essential oils, plant extracts, and organic shea butter, this rich emollient penetrates my sore spots with a tingling, cooling sensation, for instant and calming relief.


$145 USD

I am a devoted fan of Calleen Cordero’s stunning handmade footwear, purses and accessories, and her stellar commitment to the environment. As a modern example of sustainability in fashion, and using consciously sourced, ethical materials in her production, each piece turns heads. The Petra Cuff is one of my all time favorites, and even if I am only running to the store for essentials, throwing this on always makes me feel a little bit rock n roll.


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