Editor Loves: Eco-Style LA

By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

When it comes to living more eco-consciously, nothing is more sustainable than supporting local business. Beyond these companies creating jobs and bolstering our economies, our carbon footprint is substantially lower when we shop closer to home and limited shipping is involved.

Los Angeles is a landscape synonymous with movie star perfection and A-list glamour, but beyond its glossy facade lies a different story. As a beach city, LA is at the forefront of conservation efforts for the environment - especially our oceans - and is a pioneer in eco-conscious fashion and beauty, instrumental in inspiring sustainable style trends around the world.

Being LA, the priority is always to look good, but it has never been easier to choose earth-friendly products that don’t compromise our style. From a hand-made, peace-vibe, clutch purse to a magical, nutrient-rich, anti-aging serum, there are multiple brands with incredible products to keep us looking our best. Here are some of our home-grown favorites that let us shine like a star, while protecting our beautiful planet.

Swiminista Cheerful One Piece

$165 USD

Made from luxury recycled fabric that makes use of the millions of post-consumer plastic bottles polluting our oceans, this leopard-print, one piece lessens our carbon footprint, while boosting our summer style.

PC: Swiminista

Biodara Cell Refresh Face Serum

$68 USD

This luxurious blend of organic oils, antioxidants, botanical extracts, and essential fatty acids, help refine skin tone and texture, reduce inflammation, stimulate cell tissue regeneration, and fight the signs of aging, leaving a radiant and beautiful complexion.

PC: Biodara

Calleen Cordero Sula Peace Clutch

$390 USD

Handmade using sustainably-sourced, natural materials and non-toxic glues, this chic clutch is a timeless accessory that sends out peaceful vibes to our city and our planet.

PC: Calleen Cordero

Arcona Night Worker

$57 USD

This anti-aging, Vitamin C face cream is infused with antioxidants, enzymes, and peptides that hydrate, brighten, and firm skin, deeply moisturizing and helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

PC: Arcona

Electric & Rose Sunset L