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Men We Love: Craig Siegel - Manufacturing Breakthroughs

By Courtney Gerring, Contributing Editor

Craig Siegel started his career in Business on Wall Street. He used his ability to develop numerous skill sets and was able to cultivate these attributes, and in turn started making giant strides in life. He built businesses of his own from the ground up with no prior experience that became extremely successful, but he remained unfulfilled and craved something deeper. Fast forward to today, he has found his true calling helping others reach their greatest potential. His own successes didn’t come without failure, but he believes that failure is a part of life and that we must embrace it. Craig’s energy is contagious and he paints a clear picture that we can all have amazing breakthroughs no matter where we are on the journey of life.


Coco Eco:

Our December theme at Coco Eco Magazine is ‘Find Your Joy.’ - After taking a look at what you’ve accomplished this year in 2020, it sounds like you have certainly found your joy. Tell us more about how you did that.

Craig Siegel:

You couldn’t be more accurate. I did indeed find my joy. But more importantly, I found my purpose. Because you see, joy and passion are important, but for me, this isn’t about Craig Siegel. This is about shining a light so bright, other planets see it. And what I did to find this, is as follows. When the pandemic hit, it gave me something I haven’t had in over a decade, a moment to reflect. And I didn’t like the path I was heading down. I saw mediocracy. I saw complacency. I saw average. And what hit me was this, I’ve always had an unparalleled effective ability to communicate with people to make them want to fulfill their potential. To make them want to overachieve. To make people want to succeed in all facets of life. And when the pandemic hit and I had that moment, I decided the responsibility was mine to help inspire the world and show each and every person what they’re truly capable of.


This year has certainly been a year of reflection for many, it sounds like you have found the niche of helping those individuals that are looking to reflect, turn inwards and transform their life. Tell us more about how people are finding you and the tools that you are providing them along their transformative journey.


The way people find me, and where I hangout the most, is on social media. On instagram @CraigSiegel_CLS, the Youtube Channel Craig Siegel, our website, and my personal favorite, The CLS Experience Podcast.

In regards to the techniques that I utilize in my sold-out Moonshot Masterpiece Experience program, although I won’t give away every secret, I will tell you this. I use a combination of my unorthodox and unique personality, and my ability to communicate with mindset tweaks and perspective adjustments, such as NLP. I’ll give you a few examples of things that we revamp. Getting clearer on your vision, purpose, and personal values. Overcoming your limiting beliefs and developing more confidence. The reason why our program is the most sought after program in the entire personal development space is this, I understand that people are not broken. But I also understand that their frames could be. Sometimes they’re warped. Corrupted. Sick. And I understand how to revamp someone’s frame and thus, alter their map of the world. This leads to my clients becoming the 2.0 version of themselves. Where they once saw limitation, now they see opportunity. The results are staggering.


As a life transformative coach - it’s your job to foster positivity and change. We need more people like you that want to make a positive difference in this world. Not to give away too many secrets, but what does it take for someone to become a life transformative coach and foster positive change. What are the steps that you took before launching Cultivate Lasting Symphony?


What it takes to be a life transformative coach is a strong ability to help people improve. Because you see here’s the thing, you can do all the training. All the studying. But if you can’t parlay that with getting through to somebody to want to be better, then it’s all for nothing. Simply put, you need to come across as relatable. When I launched the Moonshot Masterpiece Experience Volume 1, my sole motivation was to help my clients manufacture breakthroughs. After hearing the testimonials from my clients discuss how elevated their state would be after a coaching call, and how they are doing things they never thought possible for themselves, it gave me the extra layer of confidence that I needed to make sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that Cultivate Lasting Symphony becomes the biggest thing the world has ever seen. To help inspire and leave a positive impact on every single person that we can reach. When I realized that this was my destiny, I organized my plan three years out and then I worked backwards from there. Step one was the launch of the Program.


Cultivate Lasting Symphony is something that you are deeply passionate about, and we love that you are making a difference and helping people find their greatest potential. We also see that you’ve quickly become successful and built such a robust program. How did you do that?


Years and years of what I like to call “sharpening the axe”. Reading. Studying. Learning. Absorbing. Journaling. Using the world as my oyster to take pieces of inspiration from all different avenues. From books, to movies, to podcasts, to history lessons of the past. I accumulated all of this knowledge and I parlayed it with my NLP training, and I was able to communicate it in such a way that clients achieve gigantic results. In addition to that, the biggest piece of advice that I took for myself, and I would suggest to the audience reading this right now, is to be one hundred percent authentic and true. Real and raw. You’ll know early on in the process if the world finds you relatable.


This is a Men We Love column and we love your passion to help others manufacture breakthroughs, but tell us what else you are doing to give back to your community.


We are currently putting the final touches on our charity, which is called Special People Rise. It’s a Foundation that helps provide mentorship to young, underprivileged kids. As we know, when you are young, you tend to be a sponge and soak up life’s experiences. It’s very important to have a compass to guide you. We plan to give back and help provide direction and reassurance to young kids all over the world. This is a very special project that we can’t wait to launch. The world is in good hands with this Foundation.

Photos Courtesy of Craig Siegal


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