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Coach Forever: A Love Letter to New York

By Gary Kingsnorth, Contributing European Editor

Let’s fast forward to Spring 2021, as renowned fashion label Coach recently launched a new collection during New York Fashion Week, debuting their new Coach Forever collection. Created during these strange Covid times, the Coach Forever collection focuses on craft, community and responsibility to the planet, inspired by vintage and archival Coach designs that have been brought back to life ready to lead us into a brighter 2021.

Headed by British Creative Director, Stuart Vevers, the collection is a reflection on what matters most right now and a statement about responsibility, renewal and reduction. Inspired by Vevers' vision of practical optimism, the collection tells the story of Coach bags beyond the runway as they are worn, cared for, personalized and passed down the generations. Grounded in Coach's legacy of craft, it offers a vision of a more mindful future featuring better-made things that are built to last.

“With Coach Forever, I wanted to find new ways of doing things,” said Vevers. “It was important to me to challenge how we create our collections and consider their impact on our communities and the planet. I'm excited to keep exploring that through designing and learning, and to have brought this to life with Juergen and our Coach Family.”

Supported with a campaign shot by renowned fashion photographer Juergen Teller, the campaign features members of the Coach community including Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Kate Moss, Megan Thee Stallion, Kaia Gerber, Kiko Mizuhara, Jeremy Lin, Bob the Drag Queen and Rickey Thompson, with each personality telling a story about the enduring importance of community and inclusivity.

Emphasizing the house's commitment to a more environmentally responsible approach to fashion, Coach Forever introduces bags crafted to last from vegetable-tanned, naturally-dyed leather alongside totes made entirely of recycled materials. These include fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, accessories and ready-to-wear, composed of up-cycled remnants and vintage pieces personalized with embellishments and embroidery.

Coach Forever also introduces "A Love Letter to New York," a special collection crafted by New York City artisans in support of the fashion community in the house's hometown. It is dedicated to the city’s enduring spirit of creativity, optimism and courage.

Celebrated for its effortless style, the Coach Forever collection will be a stylish addition to any sophisticated wardrobe, and supported by a community of celebrated artists who are all helping to work through a challenging year.

Photos Courtesy of Coach


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