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Behind the Brand: SEAAV Athletics

By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

It’s estimated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature that over 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year and that 14 million tons end up in our oceans, making up 80% of marine debris. This debris is negatively affecting marine species, food safety, human health, coastal tourism, and is gravely contributing to climate change.

Mckenna Haz

Growing up on Vancouver Island, Mckenna Haz has always considered the ocean her home and at the age of 12, noticed the damaging effects of plastic and trash on her local coastline. Inspired to make a definitive impact and create lasting change, she combined her love of fitness, fashion, and the ocean while studying at Quinnipiac College as an NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division 1 athlete, in an intro business class. Now, at the young age of 23, Mckenna is the founder and - as she describes herself - “the beating heart” of SEAAV Athletics.

A high quality line of athleisure wear, SEAAV Athletics is sustainably produced using post-consumer water bottles made into soft recycled yarn, which diverts plastic bottles from landfills. Mckenna says, “Recycled plastic bottles are chopped, ground, washed, melted, and reformulated into high-quality chips. The chips are melted into liquid polymer that forms recycled fiber, which becomes yarn through spinning and air-jet texturing. The finished yarn goes into each one of our items. Manufacturing this way generates 79% less carbon emissions than producing virgin polyester.”

Mckenna Haz

Furthering Mckenna’s commitment to preserving our oceans, the brand removes 1LB of ocean-bound plastic with each garment purchase. “At SEAAV our mission is to make waves, not waste,” she tells us. “From the production of our apparel to removing one pound of ocean-bound plastic with every purchase and donating 1% of our profits towards rebuilding coral reefs with Coral Gardeners to restore marine-life, re-investing into the health of our oceans has been top of mind from conception. It has been fundamental that everything be made as sustainably as possible,” Mckenna says.

Already removing 100,000 LBs of plastic waste from shorelines in their first year of business, SEAAV’s coastal clean up initiatives are facilitated through The Plastic Bank: "We build ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities, and reprocess the materials for reintroduction into the global supply chain as Social Plastic®. Our members receive a premium for the materials they collect which helps them provide basic family necessities such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, and health insurance. Our certified blockchain platform secures the entire transaction and provides real-time data visualization – allowing for transparency, traceability, and rapid scalability." - The Plastic Bank

In addition to SEAAV’s ocean and environmental objectives, the company produces its collection in a fair-trade certified factory that offers fair wages, safe working conditions, and zero child or forced labor. Mckenna’s product focus is on fashion, function and quality, with a hope to dissuade consumers from purchasing fast fashion that is environmentally-destructive, exploits workers, and harms animals. “I want to alter people's perspective on the importance of buying consciously and look for ethical brands that have a larger impact mission,” she tells us. “By offering quality pieces that last and are also affordable, I’m trying to discourage the fast fashion shopper to consider SEAAV instead. We go through an extensive design process for every item, taking a lot of care in extra details - from color hues to stitching - and our products are made to last.”

Rounding out this sustainably-forward, athletic brand’s impressive eco credentials, products are shipped in 100% Compostable Mailers by eco-friendly packaging company. SEAAV is also a member of their Eco-Alliance whose mission is “To support and empower the shift to sustainable business practices by building a community that can be better together.” For every package shipped, a tree is planted in an area in need of reforestation, with 44,278 trees already planted worldwide and 876.56 tons of carbon reduced.

With SEAAV's expansion on the horizon and a future collection evolving to include sustainably made loungewear, accessories, and swim, Mckenna is succeeding in her dream to make waves, not waste. “Ultimately, I hope to make a positive impact towards flipping the fashion industry into a more sustainable one, as well as clean up and reinvest into our oceans at the same time.”

Photo Credits: SEAAV Athletics


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