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A Peaceful Oasis at the Biltmore Spa in Miami

By Courtney Gerring, Contributing Editor

It can be easy to forget to take some time for yourself, to unwind, decompress and escape the stress and chaotic environment that we are in. However it’s extremely important to prioritize self care and with non-essential travel not picking back up anytime soon, why not visit some local destinations that can sweep you away for the day.

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa is a boutique hotel located in Coral Gables in Miami, situated on a beautiful golf course and surrounded by various tropical trees and some pretty stunning homes.

Nestled on 150 acres, the sprawling Biltmore Hotel is full of endless possibilities and activities and one of those happens to be the Biltmore Spa. The spa is a 12,000- square foot sanctuary for personal peace and tranquility. Upon arrival into the spa you are greeted with first-class service, as its scent fills the air immediately calming the nerves, and taking you out of the day to day and into a relaxed state of mind.

The facility has a holistic and natural approach to beauty where they pride themselves on using vegan and non-toxic products. The vast array of services and customized treatments that are offered give peace of mind that you’ll find something to suit your needs. The spa body treatments are a Biltmore specialty and are designed to rejuvenate the mind as well the body. An experience that ignites all of the senses and delivers a peaceful experience, you’ll walk away after your treatment feeling rejuvenated from head to toe. Offering multiple forms of body treatments including massages and scrubs, you can even arrange a Reiki healing service.

The Biltmore Spa features a relaxing area where you can sip tea and let your worries fade away, and with eucalyptus infused steam rooms and Himalayan salt saunas, it’s an invitation to leave all of the stressful times behind. In addition to the treatment rooms, saunas and steam rooms, the spa also provides nail services, brows, lashes, waxing services, and a hair salon, and is a true pampering destination for locals and visitors. Featuring non-toxic products including a gel nail polish that is UV-free, Dazzle Dry - an innovative and unique 4-step process that is quick drying, non-toxic, and vegan and cruelty-free - the nail salon also offers clean skincare products made in Fiji, made from pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish and moisturize your skin.

The service at the Biltmore Hotel is top notch, and wherever you venture within the spa, you’ll be well taken care of. In addition to their commitment to provide a professional service to all their guests, the staff hold themselves to a high standard of creating a safe environment while following all Miami-Dade County Covid-19 protocols, and have developed a health and safety program that includes the implementation of masks, proper distancing and a high level of cleanliness.

If there’s one thing that we shouldn’t neglect during these uncertain times, it’s our own self-care, and finding small moments of joy and peace will ensure a more focused mindset and an overall healthier state of being. After a day at the Biltmore Spa, you’ll step back into the world with a more relaxed, revived and inspired feeling that’ll give you that natural boost of energy you’ve been craving.

Photos Courtesy of the Biltmore Hotel


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