8 Black-Owned Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

By Dionne Phillips, Contributing Beauty Editor

In today’s ever-changing social, political, and cultural climate, there has been a recent call-to-action. More and more companies are choosing to work toward inclusion, representation, and diversity in their products, staff, and markets. There has also been a conversation around supporting the brands of BIPOC and encouraging others to do the same. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Black-owned, eco-friendly beauty brands that put representation at the forefront of their industry.

Mischo Nails

$20 USD

Founded by brilliant chemist and beauty expert Kitiya Mischo King, Mischo Nails is dedicated to creating high-end nail lacquers that are free from dangerous ingredients. Every product from this brand is guaranteed to be vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free from artificial fragrances. Some of my favorite shades include Diana, a stunning scarlet, and La Vie En Rose, a rose-toned gold shimmer.

PC: Mischo Nails


$35 USD

After finding a disappointing lack of skincare products geared toward people of color, Dr. Lorraine Beraho founded GlowRx to resolve common skin challenges that Bi-Racial and African-American adults experience. GlowRx is committed to using ethical, sustainably-sourced, vegan ingredients, and providing jobs for women in Rwanda. Some of my favorite products include the Moringa Luminous Face Oil for hydration and anti-aging and the Hydrating Toner Mist for a refreshing and soothing pick-me-up.

PC: GlowRx

Black Girl Sunscreen

$18.99 USD

Black Girl Sunscreen was created to give women of color skin-safe and non-white sunscreen. So many melanin-rich beauties have never used a sunscreen that was specifically formulated with their skin tone in mind, and Black Girl Sunscreen is working hard to change this. They are available in Target (you can read more about why this is a huge cause for celebration here) and on their website, where they carry an SPF 30 for adults and SPF 50 for kids.

PC: Black Girl Sunscreen


$12 USD each

Founded in 2010 by Andrea Lisbona, Touchland’s hand sanitizers are beautiful, naturally derived, and TSA-friendly, so they can be thrown in a purse, carry-on, or even on a keychain to be taken anywhere. Touchland is also dedicated to creating a positive impact in the world. They dedicate a portion of their profits to send their hygiene products to developing countries. My favorite scent is their watermelon, but they also have a fragrance-free version that is safe for the scent-sensitive.

​PC: Touchland