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Visiting Atlanta: Some Special Eco Gems in this Dynamic City

By Fiona Tedds, New York Editor

PC: Nate Hovee - Pexels

A city full of style and history, Atlanta is an amazing place to visit and just a short flight away from New York. The rejuvenation of many of its historic buildings into vibrant markets and beautiful, unique homes is wonderful to see. Places such as the Ponce City Market are a perfect example of this new Atlanta; an immense structure that used to be an old Sears Building, it now houses all kinds of amazing local food vendors and eye-catching stores plus stylish housing. It’s the perfect place to people-watch, shop and also admire some amazing architecture.

PC: Lark and Sparrow

I wanted to visit some businesses in the city that have a real focus on sustainability and green practices, as well as offering unique and exceptional services. My first stop was at Lark and Sparrow, a ground-breaking, light and airy beauty and wellness salon in the Grant Park area that offers incredible nail and hand treatments unlike any other nail spa I have visited. Here, there is no smell of chemicals, no harsh or toxic fumes, just the fragrance of soothing essential oils. The lovely owners, Linda Sharp and Jody Hill, focus on using natural and organic products, including bespoke scrubs made from salt, sugar and honey, lovingly applied with care and thought for the client’s needs. Even the ergonomic chairs that allow the nail artists to sit at eye-level with the client while having a pedicure make this a very different, much more personal experience. After an incredibly relaxing pedicure with Ashley, my feet and my toes not only looked beautiful, I felt a calming transformation - and that was without the CBD they can incorporate into a treatment. I only hope to find a salon like this closer to home.

PC: RockIt Vintage

With the prettiest pedicure I’d ever had, I went in search of something beautiful to wear, something unique, special and vintage. RockIt Vintage in the Knight Park area was a stellar find; its owner, the dynamic Mara Barker, brings a rocker-edge to her gorgeous store that is full of exceptional pieces that span the last century. Hand-painted Japanese kimonos, stunning gowns, unique jewelry and a wide range of super-stylish menswear are just some of the many vintage items that you can find in this large treasure-of-a-store. Mara has been involved in the world of vintage for many years and not only does she have great fashion knowledge, her sense of style that has her working with major players in the entertainment world will put a whole new spin on your wardrobe. She extends warm Southern hospitality, as well as bringing so much fun to your shopping experience. You’ll want to hang here for a while - Mara’s passion for saving beautiful clothes from the landfill is infectious.

PC: Lyla Lila

I was recommended to enjoy my dinner at Midtown’s Lyla Lila and I am indebted to the friend who shared this jewel of a restaurant with me. This stylish place gave me one of the best meals I have enjoyed in a very long time and a dining experience that I will mention every time I hear someone say they are going to Atlanta. With a focus on Southern European cuisine, chef Craig Richards delivers an extraordinary array of dishes, all with a focus on local produce and sustainable practices from his suppliers. The cold smoked scallops and crispy duck lasagna were exemplary, the kind of dishes you never forget. The scallops, which arrive in a cloud of fragrant smoke, hit all the senses and then the lasagna, with its proliferation of crispy edges, takes the meaning of comfort food to a whole new level. The staff of Lyla Lila are not only knowledgeable but also an incredible team, happy to stop and share special moments as well as food knowledge with guests. Make your reservation for a table in plenty of time - this place is understandably very much in demand!

PC: Nate Hovee - Pexels

I am so looking forward to going back to Atlanta and enjoying more of its unique, southern flavor, not to mention its hospitality. A special visit to the SCAD Museum of Fashion and Film was another highlight of my trip, where I was thrilled to see an exhibition of Oscar winner Ruth E Carter’s design work in costume. The city certainly does have so much to offer, and as many businesses shift to green and sustainable practices with a focus on the future, Atlanta continues to soar.


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