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The Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

By Robin Tolkan-Doyle, Beauty Editor

Whether you’re searching for the perfect beauty gift to treat your best friend, boss, or discerning family member this holiday season, Coco Eco has got you covered. We rounded up the most thoughtful and unique beauty gifts and curated them into one foolproof shopping guide below. Clean skincare, holistic wellness sets, vegan makeup tools, you name it, it’s in there. Scroll on and shop them all giving your loved ones the gift of sustainable beauty and wellness this holiday.



Dr. Remedy’s Enriched Nail Care Fulfilling Festival-of-Lights Collection

$43.50 USD

Few things are as satisfying as a freshly painted manicure so this podiatrist-formulated vegan polish with good-for-your-nails ingredients makes the perfect gift for your BFF. Three beautiful shades of blue enamel make up this Festival of Lights Collection that comes in its own linen bag.

PC: Dr Remedy



évolué Essential Men's Kit

$98 USD

This luxurious clean skincare set from évolué was created especially for men, and tailored to exfoliate, shave prep, hydrate and protect in just a few minutes. The 4 step system is failproof even for the guy who’s never seen an eye cream in his life.

PC: évolué



Caire Beauty Defiance Science Duo Therom Serum Boost + Triple Lift Molecule Mask

$99.95 USD

We all have that glamourous 40+ friend who owns every skin serum on the market, so surprise her with one that actually works! Caire Beauty’s PhD designed formulations travel way deep hydrating and plumping your skin in ways you never thought possible.

PC: Caire



Florence By Mills Selfie Moment Gift Set

$30 USD

The multi-talented Stranger Things’ actress Millie Bobby Brown is behind this adorable, clean beauty brand, so anything you choose here will automatically earn you Brownie points with the teen in your life. This set includes goodies such as a glow-boosting peel-off face mask, hydrating under-eye gel pads, a refreshing face mist.

PC: Florence by Mills



Glow Oasis Glow to Go

$29 USD

​Packing for that weekend getaway just got easier for your pal who lives for traveling the globe. Glow Oasis shrunk down 6 of their vegan probiotic skincare essentials into one on-the-go kit, making it possible to “go and glow” at the same time!

PC: Glow Oasis



Supergoop! Jet Set SPF Travel Kit

$28 USD

Show your friend who prefers communing in nature than staying indoors that you truly care for her with some skin loving SPF. Supergoop’s trio of reef-safe and award-winning sunscreen favorites will allow your bud to spend more time in the great outdoors and less time causing damage to her skin.

PC: Supergoop!



Honest Beyond The Bump Kit

$55.95 USD

Perhaps no-one deserves some “me time” this holiday season more than a new mom. Make sure she schedules some into her ultra-busy schedule with this body loving bundle of relaxing soaking salts, glow-inducing body oil, ultra-hydrating body lotion and safely soothing nip balm.

PC: Honest



Busy Co XL Body Wipes

$21 USD

For your friend who is always trying to literally save the world, she will love these 100% zero waste beauty wipes. Good Housekeeping recently showed that 90% of the wipes on the market contain plastic, which doesn’t biodegrade, but rather breaks down into hundreds of thousands of microplastic pieces, wreaking havoc on our oceans and environment. Busy’s wipes are made from excess fabrics from clothing manufacturers, giving the textiles a second life.

PC: Busy Co.



Maria Nila Holiday Haircare Boxes

$56 USD

Not only will your animal-loving friend have voluminous lion’s mane locks from using these ethical hair products infused with Pro-Vitamin B5, they’ll be happy to know a portion of the proceeds will go to Sea Life Trust and The Perfect World Foundation to raise awareness and contribute to the important work of saving the beluga whale.

PC: Maria Nila



The Organic Pharmacy Covid Care Package

$127.16 USD

Mom deserves the best of the best so treat her with these top-of-the-food-chain wellness and preventative products from the award-winning brand The Organic Pharmacy. This kit includes an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant Immune Boost for Day, a sleep enhancing Immune Night Boost, an Antioxidant Hand Wash plus an Aloe Disinfecting Hand Spray formulated with antibacterial oils of Lavender and Tea Tree.

PC: The Organic Pharmacy



Shea Yeleen Shea Butter Soap Giftbox Set

$30 USD

While gifting a box of soap may sound generic, this is not your typical box of soap. Shea Yeleen is a social enterprise that pays a fair wage to the women producers in Ghana who harvest the shea used in these handcrafted products. When you purchase this set, you’re also financially helping your global community.

PC: Shea Yeleen



One of One for C’est Moi

Give ‘Em Face Mask Set

$42 USD

We all have that one friend who loves showing off their newest beauty finds on social media. This multi-tasking mask set, which comes housed in its own reusable tin case, will keep her busy for days! Inside she’ll find four masks targeted to different skin issues (hydrating, brightening, exfoliating, and calming) and a mask brush to help her unleash her inner artist!

PC: C'est Moi


Photo Credits: Caire Beauty, C’est Moi, Dr. Remedy, Evolue, Florence Mills, Glow Oasis, Honest Beauty, Luxie, Maria Nila, The Organic Pharmacy, Shea Yeleen, Supergoop!

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