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Liberté Chan’s Vegan Loves . . . Live Like Liberté

By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

As KTLA’s Weather Anchor, Reporter and now Co-Host of their new lifestyle show, LAunscripted, Liberté Chan is one of Los Angeles’s most beloved TV personalities. She is also a skilled and dedicated Yogi and a passionate vegan, which she shares regularly with her fans, both on TV, Instagram and her website, Life of Liberté. With her focus clearly set on health and wellness, Liberté is a 100% dietary vegan and while she’s honest about not being fully plant-based in all of her fashion and beauty choices, she’s always excited to discover vegan brands that she can effortlessly infuse into her busy life. Here are some of her favorite items that are cruelty-free, and all put vivacity into veganism!


My good friend and Acroyoga teacher, Andrew Sealy, is one of the co-founders of this vegan protein powder. He recently introduced me to this product and for the last few weeks, I’ve been using it in my green smoothies. Lentein is a plant protein crafted from water lentils - the main protein source in this powder - it’s sustainable and a complete protein!  This protein is easily digestible and packed with nutrients like B12, which vegans can often be deficient in since B12 is mainly found in animal protein.



Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with medicinal mushrooms. They are amazing adaptogens and immunomodulators. That means they help boost your immunity, lower your stress and bring your body back into balance. I use Four Sigmatic’s packets of elixirs like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi on the daily.

PC: Four Sigmatic


I’m a big fan of all of their products, but my favorites are: Lapis Blue Tansy Face Oil, Detox Salts and the Rose Quartz De-Pugging Face Roller.

PC: Herbivore


I discovered this company a few years ago and I’m obsessed with their Ironing Effect Masque and Healing Sap…these literally make your skin glow. 

PC: Orveda


I was just introduced to this line by you (Anna!) and I love the lightness of this serum (some face oils can feel heavy, but this one is light and fresh).

PC: Èvoluè


When you need something sweet, cold, and tasty, you cannot beat this vegan ice cream. It's dairy free, organic and they partner with mindful farmers around the world. It’s the best coconut based ice cream I’ve ever had and I’m obsessed with the mint chip and vanilla.

PC: Nada Moo


These cross body bags are super cute and the designer uses cool vintage and ethically-sourced fabrics for her collections


PC: Crystalyn Kae


My friend introduced me to this company about a month ago. They make amazing leggings and workout wear out of recycled bottles! They’re made from 84% recycled plastic bottles and 16% spandex and the fabric is buttery soft (vegan butter, lol). The designers are based here in LA and I’m a huge fan of the mandala print.

PC: Wolven Threads


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