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Let Your Mask Do The Talking

By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

When the CDC recommended that we should wear masks a few months ago, the U.S. went into a frenzy. As supplies for our frontline workers dwindled, we turned to fabrics to protect ourselves. Fashion, of course, rose to the challenge offering a multitude of designs, and although not yet a fashion accessory, this functional piece looks set to become one. As Covid 19 rates continue to spike, wearing a mask is going to be our “normal” for some time, but fret not. Covering our faces doesn’t mean we have to mask our style, so use it as an opportunity to express yourself as you distance. While you stay stylishly safe and protect those around you, these masks give back to those in-need with each purchase. So while your mouth is covered, let your mask do the talking.

*Please remember that wearing these masks does not replace other preventative measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. We encourage you to continue practicing social distancing, proper hand washing techniques, avoid touching your faces, and follow all other CDC guidelines.


$19 USD

Every customizable mask purchased provides a day’s supplies of diapers to American families affected by Covid-19 through Baby2Baby. Apolisalso ensures every Los Angeles sewer who hand-make the masks receive fair wages.

PC: Apolis Global Citizen


$15 USD

Since the onset of Covid-19, Goldsheep Clothing have utilized their funky brand aesthetic to produce and distribute masks for use by non-clinical healthcare workers at hospitals, shelters and other life-saving facilities across the U.S.

PC: Goldsheep Clothing


$10 USD

Partnered with the City Of LA as a founder of the #LAProtects program, the Reformation has produced and sold over 456k masks for no profit, and donated throughout Los Angeles, including deliveries to UCLA Health and the Mission Homeless Shelters.Throughout July they donated a mask for every mask purchased or donated on their site, to benefit BIPOC, the homeless community, and at-risk individuals in the LBGTQ+ community. Using deadstock fabric, they’re reforming how we help others.

PC: The Reformation


2 Pack - $24 USD

Produced using upcycled fabrics from their yoga line, Onzieis an approved apparel manufacturer for #LAProtects, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s manufacturing collective formed to meet the goal of producing 5M non-medical masks. Additionally, during their Mindful Mask initiative,they have donated thousands of masks to local hospitals, as well as a portion of proceeds to healthcare workers across America through the Center For Disaster Philanthropy. 

PC: Onzie


$25 USD

Hand made, limited edition and produced using leftover fabric from her clothing line, Deborah is donating a percentage of profits from each mask sold to Farmers Footprint, a non-profit that addresses the impact of chemical farming, who are donating funds to farmers impacted by the pandemic.

PC: Deborah Lindquist


$22 USD

Sustainably produced using deadstock fabric keeping textile waste out of the landfill, each mask contains three layers of GOTS (global organic textile standard) organic cotton, with 5% of mask sales being donated to Feeding America.

PC: Synergy


The 100% Human Face Mask

Five-Pack, $25 USD

The 100% Human Collection was launched to protect human rights and to remember that we are more the same than we are different. For every 100% Human Face Mask Five-Pack sold, 10% of sales are donated to the ACLU. Over $600K has already been donated through this program.

PC: Everlane


Three Pack - $50 USD

Sustainably made using deadstock fabric, each purchase of three ensures an essential worker in the City of San Francisco receives a non-medical grade mask.

PC: Amour Vert


Five Pack - $28 USD

In addition to manufacturing over 5 million medical-grade masks to support frontline workers, a medical-grade mask is donated to an organization in-need for each mask purchased, with over 1,000 masks already gifted.

PC: Sanctuary Clothing


$20 USD

Participating in the #LAProtects program, Michael Stars have produced and sewn thousands of masks to support healthcare workers. With their ONE for All campaign, the brand reached their goal of $10,000 for both One Fair Wage’s Service Worker’s Emergency Fund which provides economic assistance to restaurant workers nationwide, and for the Free From organization, which supports the financial security and long-term safety of domestic violence victims and survivors. 

PC: Michael Stars


Five-Pack - $25 USD

To join the fight against Covid-19, Johnny Was shifted production to create masks utilizing repurposed fabrics. For every five-pack purchased, a five-pack of masks are donated to essential workers.

PC: Johnny Was


$20 USD

Produced using deadstock fabric at a female-owned factory in Los Angeles, Hyer Goods is partnered with #LAProtects and donating a mask to an essential worker in-need with each mask purchased.

PC: Hyer Goods


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