Anna Griffin

Founder/Editor in Chief, Coco Eco Magazine

Girl Power

The first thing that comes to mind as I complete our third issue, Girl Power, is that nothing could more simply surmise the time period we’re in. Each issue launched since August has literally carried its own energy, and this one is no different. It carries a strong yet beautiful female vibe, which has been inspiring, as we have gone through the creative process as a team.


In speaking of strong females, I would be remiss in not honoring the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who left our world as we started to pull Girl Power together in September. An ultimate role model dubbed "The Notorious R.B.G," she was an icon of our times, who stood as an advocate of gender equality and human rights. Awaking a nation in her passing, the collective mourning transcended political and gender boundaries, and she will forever be remembered as a legend.


We are honored to have Laila Ali as our brilliant cover girl this month. I had interviewed her about her skincare line before our summer launch, and was blessed to share a positive and inspiring conversation with her. Energized by Ali’s perception of life and her motivation, focus and kindness, the story was too rich for our Behind the Brand column and too good to be discarded. When I went back and asked her to be our October cover story and she agreed, I was over the moon and the stage was set for this issue. Ali is a female powerhouse who is passionate to help others be their best selves, and after any interaction I have had with her I’ve come away feeling like I just received a special gift. She’s a born leader graced with strength and gentleness, and there could be no better Coco Eco October cover story than her. Read her article and watch the video - it should go in your Favorites!


As we move through the rest of October, please remember that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and therefore designated to our self-care. We are honored to publish an interview from Fox LA’s, Marla Tellez, who spoke to Amy Cohen Epstein, the founder of The Lynne Cohen Foundation. Run earlier this week on Fox LA, they discuss the foundation’s Kickin’ Cancer campaign, which provides breast and ovarian cancer services to underserved women in Los Angeles. Marla, who has two aunts that are breast cancer survivors, has supported the foundation for several years, and is passionate about women getting their check-ups done this month. This interview and the foundation’s work is one of those things that make us proud to live in LA.


As we move further into October and greet November, we have incredible content to share with you. Publishing every Friday, expect great articles in fashion, beauty, wellness, finance and travel, focusing on the best for women by women. Making a very special appearance in Men We Love this issue is Arctic explorer and photographer, Sebastian Copeland. His passion to protect Mother Earth (our ultimate female energy) results in breathtaking images of our beautiful planet that further inspire us to look after her.


From my personal intention, this issue is for us girls: To honor those who are changing our world, and give to you our readers, in celebration of our energy. As women, we’ve come a long way, but there is still a journey ahead. In highlighting the powerhouses who are paving the path forward, there is something to feel good about and be inspired by. Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to and the future really is yours!


In love, respect, appreciation and recognition of badass, female energy making our word better,

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