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Coco Eco Magazine heralds a new era in publishing, one that doesn’t rely on environmentally exhaustive practices such as printing and physical distribution. With publishing now rapidly converting to a digital format via the internet, tablets and smart phones, Coco Eco utilizes the medium in delivering a modern multi-media platform promoting the finest in eco-luxe fashion, beauty, celebrity and culture. In our world, living a fabulous life doesn’t hurt the planet we live on or the other inhabitants we share it with.  Sexy is sustainable, celebrity is a new breed of eco warrior, and we celebrate a life of beautiful and ethical products, people, and places.


At Coco Eco, we take our environmental and social responsibility seriously and in an effort to only bring you authentic content, rigorously research the brands we partner with to ensure their core ethics. We will never sell-out and promote companies other than those who legitimately share our philosophy, ecological commitment, and philanthropic principles.


Living in ecological and social awareness includes many different facets of our every day lives, and is a state of mind born of deeper consideration of what we’re choosing, where it’s come from, and where it’s going once discarded. It is as easy as a few simple changes, but it’s our experience that once you actually delve into this world your entire perspective will shift, and it will be an exciting journey of little compromise. It’s a far evolution from the founding grass-roots movement of environmental awareness and conservation, and is now defined in a global landscape of artisans, bespoke designers, and products that defy past connotations of being “green.”


Coco Eco Magazine. Smart. Sustainable. Sexy.



Publisher & Editor in Chief


In 2008, Anna Griffin married her experience in journalism and fashion to her passion for sustainable living, and created Coco Eco Magazine. A London native who now resides in Los Angeles, our Publisher and Editor-In-Chief is a regular columnist for the Huffington Post, has contributed to NPR, and brings her eco expertise to global brands such as Lexus Hybrid Living, W Hotel Residences, JP Selects and Stand Up To Cancer.


In February 2012, Anna traveled to South Africa to work with the Lawrence Anthony Foundation on their "Last Rhino" campaign.  This subsequently led her to co-produce Jeff Garner for Prophetik's runway show at London Fashion Week, whilst simultaneously co-producing her first short film.  "Rhinos and Runways" which was distributed on Virgin America's RED System and across the Virgin Mobile platform, June and July. Anna is currently in production on her second short "Turn Up The Heat," a behind the scenes of the making of the Jet Set Issue. She also regularly moderates and speaks at conferences including Go Green Expo, Women In Green, and Leaders Causing Leaders, and is a trusted and recognized voice in the sustainable fashion and beauty industry.


In addition to her latest and unexpected personal passion of rescuing dogs from death row (6 to date in 2012), Anna traverses the globe as a sustainable fashion torchbearer, connecting emerging designers and companies to the international market, and advising on brand development.











Managing Editor and Partner


Fashion Director

Fashion Editor

Beauty Director

Heather Carter, is a Los Angeles based Writer and Journalist.  Born in the United States but raised in the United Kingdom, Heather returned to the states to study Journalism at Arizona State University before becoming a part of the Coco Eco Editorial team.  Her passion for eco living and humanist issues combined with her appetite for all things political lends a forward leaning voice to her Take Action features.

Starre Vartan has been an environmental journalist for almost a decade, focusing on natural beauty, eco fashion and sustainable living on her blog, Eco Chick (, on which her book, The Eco Chick Guide to Life: How to Be Fabulously Green (St. Martin’s Press), is based. Starre was chosen as one of Glamour Magazine’s 2009 ‘Green Women’, and has written for a number of online and print venues, including, E:The Environmental Magazine, Audubon Magazine, and Plenty Magazine. She was most recently managing editor for and is currently a regular contributor to The Huffington Post

Educated at one of London’s premier fashion institutions and graduating with a BA in fashion and textile design, Sarah is a wardrobe consultant, stylist and personal shopper who has amassed an array of clients between New York, London and Los Angeles. Since joining Coco Eco when it launched, Sarah has gone onto to not only lead the fashion department, but also oversees all celebrity cover shoots.

Johanna Björk is the founder and publisher of Goodlifer, a web-based magazine dedicated to sharing ideas and insights into a future that is positive, enthusiastic, sustainable, achievable and bright. She believes that all truly good ideas are inherently sustainable and reports on innovative people, companies and organizations that are part of a global movement towards a conscious redefinition of “the good life”. Björk is a leading expert and commentator on health & wellness, design, eco-fashion, DIY culture and sustainable living. She moved to the U.S. from her native Sweden at the dawn of the new millennium, lived and worked seven years in Miami, four in Brooklyn, NY and recently moved to Ojai, CA in pursuit of the good life.

Beauty Director Emma Pezzack, has spent 20 years in the beauty and fashion industries with companies like Max Factor, Schwarzkopf, and Revlon. Her background covers work in sales, marketing, and senior management. Professionally trained as a makeup artist in Sydney at the world-renowned Film Makeup Technology, her work has been seen in fashion editorial, TV commercials, and fashion magazine covers, as well as print advertising and packaging.


She is the Founder of, an online store dedicated to natural and organic beauty care products.









Beauty Editor

European Editor

Cultural Editor

Men We Love Editor

From her roots as a professional makeup artist in Hollywood, to a career in product sales and marketing, Leilah Mundt adores the business of beauty.  When a major life change led her down a path to health and wellness, her cosmetic bag made the journey with her.  She is now passionate about unearthing the absolute best in eco-beauty.  A self-professed “health-foodie”, she is inspired by raw food, slow food and superfood, and dreams of a day when people choose green juice over the drive through.  Leilah currently works in the beauty industry in Southern California, where she lives at the beach with her husband and new baby girl.

SASS BROWN is the Resident Director for the Fashion Institute of Technology’s study abroad program in Florence, Italy. Originally from London, England, Sass established herself as a designer with her own signature collection selling in the UK and across Canada. As an academic, her area of research is in community outreach and ethical design practices in fashion businesses. She wrote "Eco Design", which showcases some of the best expressions of eco fashion around the world.

Hailing from the Windy City of Chicago, Nikki Lin is a lover of music, art and all things associated with the humanizing aesthetics of life.  Nikki is a freelance writer who has resided in Los Angeles in recent years, and has a wide array of experience covering such topics as travel and culture, independent music, technology and automotive trends for online content, print publications and news radio.  Nikki is currently developing a website which will focus on below ground trends, adequately dubbed Life|Tech|Music.

As a five time cancer survivor, five pacemaker surgeries, a bone marrow transplant and open-heart surgery,  Kelly Gallagher inspires people with her radiance, grace and unyielding desire to always help people who have are facing health challenges and to guide them to wellness. Gallagher is an international speaker, health advocate, and also the creator of two foundations, “The Mouth Of Hope” and the “Ugottawanna Foundation”, both are health and wellness based.









Features Editor

Beth is an award winning author, fashion designer, and one of America’s youngest and brightest social entrepreneurs. She launched her first company at age 22, created a consulting firm focused on sustainability, and speaks worldwide about her journey from fashion designer to humanitarian. Her remarkable career shows how we can change the world when we put people before profit and follow our passion. It’s her mission to inspire and educate consumers on how even the smallest actions can impact our planet in positive ways.

Director of Transmedia

What is transmedia? It is a story that arches across at least three different media platforms, such as e-books, TV and a website.


Karen's background is in graphic design, multi-media, casual video game development, website development, and business strategy.


A techno-holic, a lover of all things beautiful and functional, and a designer of solutions, Karen is passionate about transmedia storytelling.

Australian Editor

Nichola is an art consultant who lives in Australia after studying and working in Paris, Florence, Brussels and the UK at some of the most respected contemporary art galleries, including the Haunch of Vension in London. Nichola has an abundance of experience in art and sustainable design. Her previous career was in architecture and where her passion for protecting the environment started. Nichola believes that through educating people the world will become more aware of how it can better treat it's beautiful planet, and thrive.

Contributing Editor

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